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TRUElinkswear Game Changer Pro Review

TRUElinkswear Game Changer Pro Review

There are things in life that are not meant to gel together. Take oil and water for example. Put the two together and they just don't blend. We all know the oil will just float on top of the water. There is no cohesiveness. Then there are things that when paired together have the potential of making something very special. Peanut Butter and Jelly? Always! Mac and Cheese? Duh! TRUElinkswear and Soft Spikes? Wait, what? That's right folks. Our favorite barefoot platform, spike less and most comfortable golf shoe now has soft spikes and guess what? They are FANTASTIC!

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As you should know, your drive is for show and putting is for dough. Over the years there have been many putting aids that I have tested. The TIBA Putt Training Aid is up there with the easiest to set up and the quickest to get feedback and real time feedback on your stroke. The instant feedback that it gives you is great for any golfer from pro to amateur. 

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