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Cork Tree Putter Grip Review

Cork Tree Putter Grip Review

Golf has always been an industry where products are continuously being re-invented to better the game, make the game more fun and make it easier to play. Different manufacturing techniques and materials are always being tested and refined to ensure the new technology is proven and welcome in the game of golf. Some of these materials are created in labs by mixing various elements together while other materials may be found in your own backyard. Luckily for the founders of Cork Tree Putter Grips, their backyard happens to be a 500 acre family owned cork plantation so the art of creating quality cork leather products didn't fall far from the cork tree.


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Notes from Molhimawk DAD

In my younger days, on bright Sunday mornings, I sent my wife and kids to church with the irreverent quip that religion was in the eyes of the beholder. A silly notion, but it got me to the tee box over in the sacred woods and salty air on the first hole of my own sanctuary. Is golf really a quasi religious phenomenon or simply an excuse?
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DST Golf Wedge Review

The setting was perfect; Demo Day Demo during The PGA Show in Orlando, I was heading to my first appointment of the day. Have to be honest, it was last minutes add on to my schedule, and I had absolutely no idea what DST Golf was. When I arrived I was introduced to Bertie Cordle, who unknown to me at the time was the CEO of DST which stands for Delayed Strike Technology. I was ready to wing it and see what this DST Golf was all about.

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