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AVEO BIG & Tall Fashion Review

As a bigger golfer, 6’1” tall and 260 lbs I found that finding the perfect fitting clothes for golfing can get difficult. Each brand has a different cut and no 2 brands ever fit the same. Aveo Golf’s sole focus is to help big and tall golfer’s look and feel confident. No other golf company exists that focuses on the big and tall golfer. Have no fear Aveo does! Aveo wants their golfers to feel 100% confident on what they are wearing on and off the course.

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Adidas AdiPower BOOST Golf Shoe Review

Adidas AdiPower BOOST Golf Shoe Review

Whether you walk or ride on the golf course, the one accessory you shouldn't take for granted when it comes to comfort is your shoes. After comfort, a great golf shoe should also offer maximum stability, optimal grip and an overall solid base for your swing. If you think about it, aside from a perfect swing, your choice in a golf shoe should be one of the most important decisions to better your golf game. It doesn't sound so farfetched if you ask me. A couple months ago, TaylorMade invited me down to play a round at Torrey Pines.

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Champ C1 Putter Grip Review

Many of you already know Champ for their superior spikes and tees. They are now offer a new putter grip, the C1.

The Champ C1 comes in small, medium, large and belly/long options you can cater to whatever style of putter you use and grip size. The C1 is a flat front design made from a super soft, lightweight polyurethane material.

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BirdieBall Putting Green Review

Have you been looking to practice your short game at home or are you tired of rolling putts on the carpet that really doesn’t have the same feel of a real green? BirdieBall has the product for you, the BirdieBall Putting Green. It comes in various sizes depending on the area you have to work, from 1 by 8 feet to 4 by 18 feet in standard sizes and complete a custom package with “Build Your Own Putting Green.” BirdieBall has the size perfect for your area.

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