Rhino Golf Tees

Years ago, the only tees available to a golfer were the standard wooden tee. Now, we have plastic tees, tees that are made of bristles, and many more that claim to increase distance and accuracy. Some golfers are not concerned with tee durability, while others would like to use the same tee over and over. If you like a durable tee that reduces friction, then the Rhino tee may be for you.

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Godlove Golf: TZ Tee Height Setter

What’s in a Tee height? When I received the TZ Tee Height Setter I was skeptical. I figured I was doing a good job getting my tee height set up correctly. After putting the TZ Tee Height Setter into play I can say I was wrong. What I found was I was teeing it up higher when the grass was higher. My eyes played tricks on me. With the TZ I was always at the same height time after time. My club face was consistently hitting ball in the same area. I was more consistent off the tee when I used the TZ Tee Height Setter. 

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Tornado Tee

Tornado Tee is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary high performance golf tee. The Tornado Tee is both USGA and R&A conforming. The Patent pending design of the Tornado Tee provides maximum energy transfer from the club head to the ball. Easy to use, the Tornado Tee looks like a conventional tee but that is where the similarity ends. Tornado Tee can be used by all players, and all players will recognize the performance improvement provided by the Tornado Tee.

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CHAMP My Hite FLYtees.


CHAMP has added My Hite FLYtees to their line up of Tees. They come in sizes of  2 3/4 and 3 1/4. The My Hite have the 6 prong head and reinforcing ribs like the original FLYtees. The added a new feature. Dark colored lines on the shaft . By doing this it is now easier to set ball to same desired height each and every time. They have eliminated guessing. Now all you have to do is tee it up.

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