Rhino Golf Tees

Years ago, the only tees available to a golfer were the standard wooden tee. Now, we have plastic tees, tees that are made of bristles, and many more that claim to increase distance and accuracy. Some golfers are not concerned with tee durability, while others would like to use the same tee over and over. If you like a durable tee that reduces friction, then the Rhino tee may be for you.

Popular Off-White

I've been trying out the Rhino Tees for the past two months. Here are my findings.

Durability: The claim of these tees is that they are "Ultra Durable" and I have no reason to doubt that. Only one of mine has broken. Now compared to other plastic tees I've used these would bend more, almost to where it looked warped. I found it pretty easy to bend them back straight enough to use time and time again. So do these break easily? No, not for me. But they do tend to bend.

Design: I think the design of these tees was pretty well done. They claim a "Larger tee head for easier use" and I have to agree with that. The usual plastic tees that I use have little prongs and sometimes the ball doesn't want to sit on the tee. This may be my fault, but sometimes I struggle getting the ball to stay where it should. This wasn't an issue with the Rhino tee and I liked that. They also claim that the design will reduce friction. I have no way of testing that, but I can see that it could be true.

The big problem I have with the tees that I received is the color. I assume that the tees are gray in color due to the Rhino name. These are nearly impossible to spot if they come out of the ground. I have used almost every tee I have because it was too hard to find them on the tee box. They also offer a white tee that I believe would be the route to go if purchasing these.

The Rhino tee comes in two sizes (3-1/4 inch and 1-1/4 inch) are 100% recyclable, and and able to be custom ordered. Make sure you check them out at http://rhinogolftees.com/