PRO Compression No-Show Socks Review

By Ryley Fitzsimmons

Golfer tan lines are bad enough.  I recently tried the new no-show socks from PRO Compression which help both soften that crispy line across the ankle AND perfectly support my feet within my active lifestyle.

I've had the pleasure of wearing the PRO Compression socks before.  They support your foot in all the right places and help eliminate your feet from tiring quickly.

The ideals behind PRO Compression are that:

"Compression has long been a successful strategy for combating muscle soreness and fatigue. By applying graduated compression—or the right pressure in the right places—you increase blood flow. And when you increase the blood flow, your broken down soft tissue can repair itself more quickly.  Put simply, compression helps your body move through its natural recovery process quicker so you feel better faster."

This surely helps when you are walking the course for 4 plus hours!  And we all know when one part of your body gets tired, your entire swings starts to break down.  PRO Compression literally has your feet covered in that area so you have one less body part to blame on your tired old swing.

These new no show socks are constructed very similarly to their Low, Mid, & High socks as well.  PRO Compression socks are all made with "Lightweight, moisture-wicking materials and built-in "Stabilizer Zone" combine to provide incredible comfort, while the advanced design eliminates slipping on your foot and inside your shoes."

To sum it all up, these socks are super comfortable and perfect for my active lifestyle.  With an array of colors and variety of fits, make sure to check out PRO Compression Socks at