Yatra Aquatune 9612 Speaker

With a name that means Journey, Yatra’s mission is to create premium tech products at an affordable price for all of your life’s journeys.  At the 2018 Merchandise Show, Yatra introduced another product that continues to show their desire for growth in the golf community.

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The Aquatune line is designed to be the perfect product for sound, mobility and endurance with speakers that will easily sync with all of your devices.  The Aquatune 9612 is weatherproof, shockproof and dustproof which makes it’s the perfect outdoor accessory. This speaker system is a perfectly compact size which can be placed inside the cup holder of your golf cart or hang on your golf bag with the removable clip and velcro strap which is included. All of this while connecting by bluetooth to the phone you have zipped safely inside your golf bag.


Excited about my upcoming round of golf with my new speaker system I opened up the package and found that syncing the speaker with my device was quicker than removing it from the package itself.  It was as simple as searching  and clicking on the 9612 name in my devices list and then choosing Pandora to test it out. Within about 1 minute, I had the Aquatune 9612 synced up with my iPhone and playing tunes just like it would be tomorrow on the course. With the recommendation that it charge at least 2 hours prior to use, I placed it on my desk and waited for the morning to come.


What’s behind a name? The Aquatune 9612 was given it’s name because each part of the name holds a valuable piece of information.  The “9” represents the number of WATTS in used to power this compact system. Six represents the IPX rating which refers to the waterproofing standards that are measured out of an eight point scale. Lastly the “12” refers to the hours of play you will enjoy while on your outdoor adventure.  



With such great thought being put into a name, you better believe that a great deal of thought has been put into the innovation and technology and at only $30 the price is unbeatable.  I know that I personally enjoyed having the ability to easily take along my favorite tunes, control the volume with my phone and experience great sound quality over several rounds on the golf course. Even better I knew it was safely protected when the rain showers came and then I safely stored it in the dustproof bag that’s included until my next round. Next time I might even tryout the hands-free calling capabilities that this little system provides.