Lamkin Grips: FLAT CAT

Have you ever struggled to sink those short putts and seemingly ruined a hole? The inability to smoothly roll your putter can create an enormous amount of frustration and pressure at the end of each hole...especially if your friends are making you putt everything out with no gimmes.


Lamkin Grips believes they have found a way to give every golfer a smoother and more consistent putt with the Flat Cat Solution. This new weighted grip technology provides golfers the first answer to what is referred to as the “yips”. The inability to stroke your putts with a smooth and steady movement has been solved by the additional weight in the grip. This allows your putter to feel heavier and more stable without sacrificing what feels natural in your hand. The Flat Cat is available in four sizes and I chose the Fat Flat Cat; which is larger than standard. If you’re worried that choosing the larger size will hinder your ability to easily remove your putter from your bag be assured that the Fat Flat Cat posed no issues at all.



There is no wrong way to install the Flat Cat grip because there are a multitude of ways to experience the same improvement in your game.  With five different sizes, two angles and four grip techniques the versatility of this grip is unmatched. No matter what the flat design of this grip squares the face of the putter and keeps your hands from rolling over which destroys your putt. I tested the grip in a variety of ways before I settled on what I believe to be the most comfortable with my grip and style.



During my rounds of play, I was pleased with the results that I saw in my putting game. I could feel a more relaxed and stable grip to my putter and that resulted in smoother more controlled putts. My tendency shifted from pulling right of the cup to being more centered and getting me closer to the hole with fewer strokes. With the use of the Flat Cat, I found that I was gaining ground with my more accurate putts and began tracking those putts to learn that I am very quickly shaving strokes off my play. There’s a reason that the putters used by professionals are heavier than most of those used by amateurs. If you feel like the ‘yips’ or inability to stroke your putts smoothly are hindering your game the Flat Cat Solution is a simple and economical way to instantly improve your putting game without buying a whole new putter.