Puma Golf BIOFUSION Spikeless Mesh Shoe Review

My first experience with any puma shoes was with the FAAS lite mesh golf shoes and I have been a PUMA GOLF fan ever since.   When Puma Golf sent me the new BIOFUSION spikeless mesh golf shoe, I was understandably excited. 

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From a self admitted shoe/clothes aficionado, the look of these shoes is top notch.  The BIOFUSIONs are perfect to wear casually and then straight to the golf course.   I even wear them on weekends when I am not even golfing.

When I first got the BIOFUSION shoes I was actually really skeptical at their durability on the course.  I used to have some Adidas mesh shoes and they were ruined after about 3 rounds.  The grey mesh absorbed every piece of dirt possible and soon turned a brownish color even after cleaning.  The Puma BIOFUSION mesh shoes on the other hand are surprisingly durable! I have worn these now for about 10+ rounds, as well as on countless days off the course, and they still look brand new!   The mesh itself is made of a waterproof anti-wicking material which deflects dirt and moisture which keep your shoes looking clean.  

The toe of the BIOFUSION shoe also has a protective outer layer to also keep your shoe protected when you finish your swing with your toe to the ground. 

These shoes aren’t ONLY for dry areas and well groomed courses either.  I wore them for a round after it had rained for 3 days in a row prior.  The conditions on the course were OK, but still a bit muddy.  I thought these shoes would FOR SURE get ruined.  With minimal cleaning, they still look good as new!   

I touched on this a bit earlier, but the BIOFUSION shoes are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and breathe extremely well.   The outer performance mesh is lightweight and extremely durable which keeps your feet cool during your round. 

When I look at the functionality of a golf shoe I also look at how well the shoe grips the course mid swing.  The BIOFUSION golf shoes have a Carbon Rubber sole with permanent directionally molded traction nubs which are strategically shaped for a snug grip on the course.   I have yet to slip mid-swing… knock on wood… haha.  

Final Thoughts
The Puma BIOFUSION spikeless mesh golf shoes are seriously my favorite golf shoe on the market because I legitimately wear the BIOFUSION both ON and OFF the course and love the look.  I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for new spikeless golf shoes.  Don’t be afraid of shopping these online either since they fit true to size.  Just add to cart and don’t second guess it.  Find out more at: http://www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf/biofusion-spikeless-mesh-golf-shoes