TRUE linkswear lyt dry Golf Shoe Review

For the last 4 years I have been following and reviewing the evolution of a particular golf shoe company, TRUElinkswear. I use the term evolve because every year they introduced a new shoe, they did so by enhancing their OWN technology. The designers at TRUE don't only rely on the many years of biomechanics research done on the benefits of the barefoot platform, but they listen to their loyal fans and followers of the brand. TRUE was created in 2009 to be the most comfortable walking golf shoe and now 5 years later, they have only made it better.

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New for 2014, the lyt dry from TRUE were designed for ultimate performance in a tour level shoe. Ryan Moore, a 3 time winner on the PGA tour and co-founder of TRUE has already won on the PGA tour wearing his lyt dry's. Back in January during the PGA Merchandise show, Ryan mentioned that the lyt dry shoes are his favorite thus far. They are light, comfortable, athletic and they maintain the same comfort that all TRUE's have had. The other cool thing he mentioned is that the lyt dry shoes allowed him to have better footwork throughout his golf swing. I found that interesting as I really haven't thought about it like that before. Our feet and toes are constantly moving during our golf swing. They help us to maintain balance, grip and control during our swing. Like one of those things we just take for granted, I paid more attention to what my feet were doing during my swing after hearing what Ryan had to say and sure enough they had more room to work. My balance was better and I feel like I have a better base for my swing.

The new technology and materials used in building the lyt dry shoe have made it the lightest shoe TRUE has made to date without compromising durability, flex and most important comfort. TRUE uses a premium waterproof leather in the upper portion of the shoe. At first glance it looks as if there are many perforated holes for breathability in the shoe. Looking closer at the shoe you will notice that they are just screen printed patterns in the shoe. Also very noticeable is the addition of a nylon grip attachment on the heel of the shoe. For me, I wish it wasn't there. It catches the back of my pant leg at times and I do find it slightly annoying. A new design element on the lyt dry I do like is the addition of the extra grip on the outsole near the toe. This helps to keep the toe more durable during my swing. To credit the designers, the lyt dry is a step in the right direction as for looks. Understanding the looks of prior TRUE models haven't been for everyone, the lyt dry is a great looking shoe.

The outsole is TRUE’s most technical design to date. The combination of EVA and rubber meld together to create their TRUE flex-feel lyt platform. The traction on the outsole is the thinnest in golf and provides all the comfort, stability, balance and leverage. In dry conditions I have never had any traction issues. There is something about being closer to the ground while playing golf that I personally like especially on the putting greens.

I say it every year but these are the best from TRUE. The team at TRUE don't reinvent the wheel they evolve it. Constantly striving to make their shoes better and not straying off the path when it comes to their passion for what they do. Fans of TRUE are going to love the lyt dry shoe and people considering a pair for the first time are going to fall in love with TRUElinkswear the same way we did when we put on our first pair. For more information on all of TRUE's products, visit