A|U|R Golf Shirts Review

A|U|R Golf shirts offer a combination of style, comfort, and class to any man on and off the golf course.  A|U|R shirts provide three very important attributes in shirts: shape, style, and fabric.

Men's Tops



A|U|R  AWARE (Twilight)


The fabric and fit of the AWARE is a classic and stylish shirt. It has a self stand up collar, 4 button raised placket with cross stitch and Tonal inserts that offers the classic look and style. This shirt also has the       A|U|R transfer is on the back neck yoke. The silky look and feel is made using Carbocool blends of polyester and Bamboo charcoal. The W2106 also offers moisture wicking, fast drying, anti-odor, and UV protection. This shirt is well suited for a warm and sunny climate. Not only is the shirt comfortable, stylish, and classic it is also a very environmentally friendly product.


A|U|R  AWARE (Crimson)


This shirt is made with environmentally sustainable Bamboo product (S. Cafe') This product is thermal regulating, moisture wicking during those hot summer days and nights. It is 4 times more absorbent then traditional cotton. Being a porous bamboo fiber it adds to the breathability that is important on the course or off. One of the most amazing benefits of this fabric is the anti-microbial, anti-bacterial odor free quality. The style offers a two pocket, self collar with stand, 4 button raised V-point placket. Men wearing this shirt on and off the course will be considered fashionable.




The A|U|R Dry Classic boosts a flat knit collar, 3 button placket and hemmed sleeves. Double knit, Spandex aids in maintaining its shape and is quick drying due to A|U|R Dri-Max technology. The fabric offers anti-bacterial and a UV grade finish which is extremely beneficial for active men.


 Both AWARE shirts offered high quality craftsmanship comfort and the ACTIVE shirts are stylish yet durable. Anyone one who is looking to look good on and off the course should invest in the A|U|R product. http://www.aurgolf.com/