Chase54 Apparel

I was sitting at my desk wondering how to best express myself in this review of Chase54 Apparel.  I have been anxiously waiting to do it since spending time with the Chase54 Crew at The PGA Show in Orlando. While at the show I was fortunate enough to have met and chat with Lulu Faddis the Creative Director, at Chase54. After our chat I left with a lot of excitement from the things to come from Chase54.  

Air Jordan VII 7 Retro


 The day had finally arrived when I received my package from Chase54 I don’t even remember what I was even doing but I grabbed a knife and cut the tape for easy access into the box. Now it’s time to remove the contents of the box. First out was two Chase54 hats, next were two Polo’s and last but not least a pair of Golf pants. With these items I could combine them in a few ways to create some cool and different look outfits. 

Let’s start from the bottoms up on this one (Yes a play on words). I received The Chase54 Norris Bottoms in Fog. I was surprised at how light weight the fabric was. I have golf shorts heavier than these pants. Next I noticed the stretch ability of the fabric. The waist line was sturdy but everything under stretched. Inside the waist band they added a Gripper tape to help keep your shirt tucked in nicely.  When I read the tag it read Moisture Wicking, so what better place to test this than Florida and in a cool 87 degrees.  Okay I was nervous, was wearing long pants in the heat smart? Oh how I would suffer if the moisture wicking failed me. I’ll let you know how it worked out for me later.


Okay let’s move to the polo I wore for this review. I chose the QUAID Polo in Beryl. This Polo is said to have extreme moisture properties, and a fast drying time with comfort. They are able to achieve these properties by using DRYFUZE SORONA by DUPON yarn. You see why I chose this polo to test? Yes it is because of the extreme heat of the Florida, and Chase54‘s claim of extreme moisture wicking. The QUAID has some nice features, like four buttons instead of three. The fabric was stretchable and felt cool and comfortable on the skin. On the back of polo just under collar they had CHASE54 it was a nice touch. How did it perform? Hmm, answer to come.


The top and final piece was a Chase54 Hat.  The Chase54 was centered but the 54 was large and in 3-D, on the back it had CHASE 54. Made from 100% Polyester would it keep my head comfy or will the sweat run free. Time would tell.

The time has come to wrap this up. The scene was a beautiful sunny morning, with a temperature of 87 degrees and rising. How would Chase54 Apparel perform? The answer is fantastic. After a nearly 4 hour round I was still dry and comfortable. My concerns of wearing long pants were for nothing. I was surprised that I stayed dry. I thought I might have sweat running down my legs or something like that but I was happy to be wrong. The QUAID kept me dry and comfortable as well. I liked the fit of both the polo and pants. They wear between an athletic and baggy fit. I like the middle and they should attract golfers from both sides. Well done Chase54 you continue to raise the bar in apparel.  


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