The Next Generation in belts for golfers is here and there are called Nexbelt

Kobe 11 ELite Glowing


Why is Nexbelt different than your everyday other belts? It's because they use a ratcheting system, instead of the traditional holes in the straps. Simply insert belt strap into buckle and pull. When it’s time to take off push the lever on bottom of buckle to release belt strap, it’s that easy.


Remember searching for your belt size in the racks? Well with Nexbelt say goodbye to searching they fit men’s waist sizes 30” – 50”. If it’s to long no worries simply cut the end to your size. The inside of the belt is already marked making it easy for you to trim it down.


Nexbelt come in lots of colors and different style buckles so you are sure to find some that fit your style. They can be easily interchanged allowing you several different looks. Speaking about the buckle, it has a hidden ball marker behind the face. Simply push the face down and it reveals your ball marker. It’s great as a primary ball marker or as a backup. I like having an extra because there is always someone in the group that doesn’t have one or forgot theirs in the bag.


I really like my Nexbelts and I have some additional ones I plan on adding to my collection like the Folds of Honor Nexbelt. I first saw them during The Patriot Cup.  I’m sure after you try one you will want to grow your collection too.



For more information on Nexbelt visit their website: