Chase54: Luke Quarter-Zip Pullover

The folks at CHASE54 recently presented its new innovative Heat Retention technology. Do you want to know what this new innovation is? I will refer to their recent Press Release for the best possible answer:

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The process is the ultimate recycling system wherein energy absorbed from surrounding energy sources is transformed into heat moving into the fabric and reducing the need for a bulky insulation. The fiber qualities come from within, as the functions are added to the yarns during its liquid phase, becoming an all-inclusive part of the composition. “

You have to agree they can explain that a lot better than I ever could. So now that we know what this new innovation is, I can tell you they used it to create The Luke Quarter-Zip Pullover.

• DryFuze™ 2-tone polyester pique is perfect for mid-layering year round
• Heat Retention by CHASE54 captures and holds light energy from sunshine, body heat or even artificial light and transforms it into heat - keeping players warm and ultra-comfortable. 
• Moisture wicking
• Side pockets for stashing your personals
• "YOUR FIT" is neither baggy nor fitted
• Imported 

I received a Luke in Blue zircon, and was impressed when I was looking it over. It’s really light and I wondered how this will keep me warm during play. The two side pockets are a nice addition, good place for Tees, ball marker, divot tool, etc.

As if Mother Nature knew I was excited to try the Luke out, she sent Florida a little cold snap. I used the Luke in several rounds with the average starting temperatures at 58*. The first couple of rounds I had a shirt under the Luke but for the last round I decided to see how it would perform on its own.

With each use the Luke did not fail, in keeping me warm during play. With its “YOUR FIT” it wears perfectly for golfing. It was not restrictive at all during my swings. Playing in Florida the early Temperatures started in the high 50’s but by the end was in the mid 70’s. While the other guys where removing layers I stayed comfortable and didn’t have to remove the Luke.

The Folks at CHASE54 in my opinion have hit an Ace with the Luke Quarter-Zip Pullover. The style allows you to wear on and off the course. Its performance was impressive working well in various temperatures. I don’t understand the science on how they made the Luke so light yet it’s able to keep you so warm and comfortable. Well done CHASE54! For more on The Luke and the rest of CHASE54’s line up visit their web site: