Adidas AdiPower BOOST Golf Shoe Review

Whether you walk or ride on the golf course, the one accessory you shouldn't take for granted when it comes to comfort is your shoes. After comfort, a great golf shoe should also offer maximum stability, optimal grip and an overall solid base for your swing. If you think about it, aside from a perfect swing, your choice in a golf shoe should be one of the most important decisions to better your golf game. It doesn't sound so farfetched if you ask me. A couple months ago, TaylorMade invited me down to play a round at Torrey Pines.

The catch was that I had to leave all my "trusted" gear at home. They basically hooked me up from head to toe and on my feet were a new pair of AdiPower BOOST  golf shoes. A slight stray from my norm but what the heck, they sure did look great. Before I get into the review, let me start with a PSA. I played 18 in a size 10 normal width shoe which ended up being a little too snug as I have a wide foot. I asked my friends at Adidas to send me the same pair but with a wide width. I'm sure glad they did!


It wasn't till I started walking that I noticed the difference in width. I could feel my toes flex a little more as I walked which allowed my feet to relax and not feel constricted within the shoe. For me, this is very important. Other details that I found very comforting my first walk with the shoe was the fitsleeve tongue wrapping, external heel counter and a fitfoam ® PU sockliner. My foot was properly planted in the shoe and since I wear very short socks, the heel felt like a pillow for the back of my foot. The final layer of comfort Adidas came up with is their innovative BOOST  foam cushioning. BOOST  is comprised of thousands of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) energy capsules fused together.  At their core, these capsules are the essence of the innovation; its function, storing and releasing energy efficiently throughout the swing and delivering maximum energy return as athletes perform. To put it simply, it's like walking on clouds! Seriously, whether it's hot or cold, hard or soft conditions BOOST  retains consistent cushioning under your feet to ensure maximum comfort.


As for the bottom of the shoe, Adidas came up with their tour-proven gripmore® technology in the shoe’s construction. For the first time, adidas Golf has placed gripmore spikes of varying sizes, strategically locating them on the outsole to deliver improved and more efficient traction and stability. Another key feature I love is the proximity to the ground. You feel lower than with traditional spikes and again, this is something I really like. Plus, those 18 spikes are very durable and man do they GRIP!



So, here's the bottom line. If you have wide feet, get the wider shoe. It makes a whole world of difference. From a comfort standpoint BOOST and the combo fitsleeve and sockliner has got your feet covered. From a grip point of view, gripmore has you planted and stable. For those into looks, the AdiPower BOOST look amazing and there are 10 different color ways to go with any outfit you've got! The AdiPower BOOST also fit in the category of a more athletic looking shoe but also have traditional golf shoe lines. Whether you are a purist or everyday hacker, the AdiPower BOOST should appeal to you. For more information, check out