Puma TITANTOUR IGNITE Golf Shoe Review

You can really judge a person by their shoes.  Shoes are just one outward marker of an individual's personal style that may carry information about their personality traits, golf game, and furthermore, their style.

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One of the most vital accessories/equipment that one must have should be aesthetically and comfortably appealing are the golf shoes.  No matter if you prefer to walk or ride the course, it is almost a necessity to have a golf shoe that you can play your best in and still look like pro.  The Puma TitanTour Ignite does just that, and then some.

The Puma Titan Tour Ignite is one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve had the pleasure of testing.  The Titan Tour’s really did promote the heck out of these and they did not undersell these at all.  I loved playing in these shoes so much I played 36 the next day just to make sure they weren’t just a one time wear shoe.  These shoes have really impressed me I’d like to put them even more comfortable than the FootJoy DNA and the Adidas AdiPower Boost which was on a comfort level like any other.

Puma has really been under the radar even with the orange influence of Rickie Fowler, until this year.  With the recent collaboration of Puma and Cobra, the new era has begun as Cobra Puma Golf which is why the evolution of their equipment and apparel line is now drawing more attention since the orange craze from Rickie’s outfits.

This year they decided to IGNITE (haha) into the new golf season better than ever.  The shoes look pure right out of the box; Puma gives you 2 sets of laces, white and matching ‘Surf The Web’ blue laces along side with a sample piece of ignite foam which has the Puma logo on and the word ‘IGNITE’ embossed on it as it rests on a small chain, mimicking a hang tag.

The Titan Tours has a few new features which brings the shoes to superior performance. 
One, Ignite Foam.  The Ignite Foam represents the latest footwear innovation from Puma. Proprietary foam cushioning provides golfers with responsive energy return, extreme comfort and responsive stability.  The Ignite Foam was originally inserted in one of Puma’s running shoes which are worn by Usain Bolt.  Therefore integrating comfort and high performance materials into the game of golf. 
Two, PWRFrame.  The ultra-thin and supportive thermoplastic polyurethane frame encases the Ignite foam for lightweight strength and durability, increased flexibility and superior traction on the course. Located at the midsole, the PWRFrame does a good job by not suppressing the Ignite Foam to a minimum. 
Three, stability.  The innovative outsole construction and state of the art materials provides a super stable platform that promotes a confident swing on any surface, lie or angle.  This was put to the test while playing 54 holes over a two day span and I can personally tell you, I was pretty stable throughout, especially on the upslope of one of the bunkers, which many shoes fail to keep you stable in.

Some additional noticeable components in the TitanTour Ignite’s are the insole, the outsole, and the premium leather Puma used to wrap the shoe in.
The insole which uses PWRCOOL Technology, powered by Outlast, increases comfort and regulate temperature.  Temperature regulation is achieved by utilizing phase change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.  Certified Space Technology™.

Up next is the Duoflex technology built in around the spikes of the shoe, and under the PWR Frame.  Duoflex combines harder and softer materials to support natural foot movement. Multiple flex angles are created resulting in increased flexibility and stability in a single platform.  Allowing the golfer to feel as natural as possible.

Premium leather is becoming less and less uncommon these days, as the world of golf is merging with the high performance athletic world.  The TitanTour Ignite features a full-grain leather upper, textile lining and heavy gauge thread to provide long lasting quality and durability, so you know you won’t have anything to worry about when playing or practicing all year round.

Let’s get into the grading portion of the review which is personally my favorite:

Technology: A

Comfort: A+

Aesthetics: A-

Price point: A+

Overall Grade: A

Skill level recommendation: Every golfer’s must have

A tip-of-the-hat to Puma for a job well done on these TitanTour Ignites as they have clearly passed my expectations.  The only shoes that are comparable to these overall wise, are the Adidas AdiPower Boost which have very similar features such as foam/boost technology which gives superior comfort.  You can read our review on those, here: http://bit.ly/1IMmcqQ.