FootJoy - MyJoy Review

The opportunity recently came up for me to do a review on a pair of FootJoy’s . The wheels starting turning in my head and I had an idea about doing something a little different. I wasn’t sure if they would like my idea, or if it would be even possible, but I decided to pitch it anyway.

Air Jordan IV 4 Shoes

A conference call was set up with MyJoy, and I was given the opportunity to explain what I wanted to do. My idea was simple, I wanted to go behind the scenes on the making of a pair of MyJoy’s, I wanted photos showing each step, until they were boxed and shipped.  Okay, our conversation was a little more detailed but you get the idea. I really wanted this to be different for those that read this. I thought it would be cool to see what goes into building a custom pair of the number one shoe in golf.

When I started the process of making my custom pair of MyJoy’s, the thing that stood out most to me was the 14,456,083 possible combinations to create a shoe. I laughed and said to myself that number just might go up when I was done.


Step 1: I had to select my style of shoe. I chose the FJ Icon V Saddle BOA, because I was going to use my logo, and after a few hours I liked the way it looked on these best. Next up, was entering my foot size and width. Now normally I would just click and move on, but I read “Different size for each foot?” and had to investigate. I clicked on it and now I could select size and width for my left and right foot. I never saw that type of option before. This is a great thing for the people that need to use this option. BRAVO!  Okay size and width inputted.

It’s time to pick some colors for the base. I went Metallic Full Grain in Silver.  The saddle had to go with the Blue/Black Lizard, accent Black Small Lizard and laces in black. This part took me the longest time. There were so many cool combinations to go with, but in the end this combo made my logo pop.

The last step before reviewing your design is Personalization. This was the easiest step of all for me, because I built my FJ Icon V around my GolfFather Logo. Now if I didn’t have my own logo, I could have chosen from the many different icons or flags that are available. I did like several of the options given to choose from, especially the American Flag.

Okay; so now the review is completed and my order is sent. Now all I have to do is wait for my custom MyJoy’s to be built and shipped out to me. You would be surprised how quick from the time your order is received to the time you receive them, standard is Four weeks.

To order your Custom MyJoy shoes visit and let the fun begin!

Special thanks to MyJoy for these photos...