DogLeg Reaper Belts Review


DogLeg Reaper Belts




Every golfer knows that a huge part of the game is simply looking the part. Having an accessory like the DogLeg belt around your waist makes you look like the profesional golfer that you want to be.  With style and function you will both confident and comfortable on the course.


The reality is we all know that nothing happens by accident. Although Will Stokes might have “accidently” killed those two dog legs that day when he came up with the idea for Dog Leg Reaper it is not an accident that their mission is to see their belts on the waist of every golfer. It also is not by accident that this veteran owned and operated business is seeing the success that it is with this goal. 




Although the design of a no hole ratchet style belt is not completely new and unique the way DogLeg has worked to create the highest quality buckle on the market is. These belts are made of a single mold of zinc alloy that then has a unique logo embossed into the face while also being fit onto the highest quality leather.




These belts fit any golfer with a waist up to 50 inches in size and are comfortable on the tee box as well as in the clubhouse. They are designed to feel good as you bend over and pick up your ball off the green because the leather will bend and move with you.  Then as you walk into the clubhouse you will also feel good as every person is staring at the stylish designs that you are wearing.




DogLeg Reaper is committed to giving back to the community that they know and love; the military, as well as other important charities like law enforcement and breast cancer awareness.  They have not only designed a buckle to honor the Veterans that have served and given their lives for us through their commitment to Folds of Honor and the Veteran Golfers Association they give 25% of their profits to these charities every day.  During the month of October they gave 100% of the profits made from the sale of their ‘Fore’ a Cause belt to support breast cancer and they continue to give a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the thin blue and red line belts that honor those who wear the uniform and protect us every day. 


DogLeg Reaper