Sun Mountain Hybrid Jacket

While the ideal conditions for a day on the course are closer to sunny and temps in the mid 60s we all know that the avid golfer and true lover of the game will brave all kinds of elements in order to swing a club.  Whether rain or sun, snow or clouds one of the best ways to succeed is to have the right equipment and that includes apparel.  

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For 30 years, Sun Mountain has revolutionized the golf industry and made “performance first” the cornerstone of their outerwear line.  Although the weather in Florida tends to be more on the hot side there’s no lack of brisk mornings and pop up showers not to mention all my traveling to the midwest so when I was given the opportunity to test out the new Sun Mountain Hybrid Jacket I was thrilled.  The new hybrid jacket and vest are ideal for cooler days; maximize the warmth and still have a freedom of movement needed to play the game you’re used to playing.




The Sun Mountain Hybrid jacket is windproof and has quilted panels that are both water resistant and stretchy in order to keep you warm and mobile.  This jacket also comes with a variety of pockets that zip your items safely inside and keep your hands warm.  During a recent stay at Innisbrook Resort, I had the opportunity to truly test all the unique features of this jacket.  When I hit the first tee the temperatures were 40’ and under my jacket was only a long sleeve golf shirt and I stayed toasty warm but never felt my range of motion was affected by the jacket on top.  Shortly after my round began, I got to experience the water resistant qualities that the jacket offered and again, I was impressed.  I actually could see the rain bead up on the arms of my jacket and literally wick away.  Most importantly to me was the fact that when I put my cold hands into my pockets they got warm and were able to stay warm allowing me to continue to grip the club like I would on a warm and sunny day. The worst part of my entire round was that the new Hybrid Jacket kept my upper body so warm that I was wishing I had the same type of apparel on my lower half… I’m left wondering if there’s any chance Sun Mountain  might have some pants in the works?


Since using the new Hybrid jacket on the golf course and experiencing it’s comfortability and functionality I’ve actually made it my go to for all outdoor needs.  This jacket has recently kept me warm in the snowy streets of New Jersey as well as the cooler temperatures of South Carolina.  Not bulky, comfortable and fully functional on the course and off.