Antiqua's Frontier is a great addition to their 2018 Men’s Outerwear Collection

One of the leading manufacturers in golf apparel has just released their new 2018 Men’s Outerwear Collection.  Antigua Inc has taken great pride in their ability to create a fashionable  and functional sportswear for men and women in all athletic areas.  The new Spring 2018 Men’s Outerwear line provides 6 new styles that will serve as lightweight seasonal wear that will become staples to every golfer’s wardrobe.




Among the new styles is a ½ Zip fully fleeced style called the Frontier. As part of their Performance 72 technology, Antigua has designed this to be the ideal scenario for cooler weather days but continues to stay true to the need for comfort and mobility while playing. This pullover features a cool weather knit outer and under layer and stand up collar for added warmth. The stylish two tone twisted yarn provides a fashionable look on and off the course as well. I was easily able to remove my shoes and head to lunch with the guys when the round was over and never feel out of place.



Wearing this new Frontier pullover during the brisk Florida mornings on the course kept me warm and still allowed me to swing my club with the same ease that I’d always had.  The ability to stay warm is an important part of the game. As the temperatures rose during the morning I was able to remain comfortable and never get overheated or need to remove clothes. Having one less thing to worry about helps make the round more enjoyable.


To find out more about the 6 new styles that Antigua has added to the 2018 Men’s Outerwear Collection check out the press release at