New Balance Minimus SL Golf Shoes

New Balance has always believed that their job is to aid their athlete in the pursuit of excellence.  This has been their constant whether in creating a running shoe or a golf shoe.  New Balance is hoping that their golf shoes will be the accessory that your feet take next time you’re headed to the course.  





As a new owner of the Minimus SL golf shoe by New Balance I was excited to get them on my feet and hit the course.  This waterproof microfiber shoe is designed with The REVlite technology which is a foam compound that provides the same durability and responsiveness of New Balance foams that are 30% heavier.  


The REVlite technology gives a lightweight feel without sacrificing the cushioning or stability they are known for. Inside you’ll also find that the Ortholite insole is designed to keep your feet cool on those hot summer days and dry on those dewey spring mornings.  The Ortholite cushioning insole is also designed to combat the odor that often comes with wet feet and could lead to fungus issues. From my personal experience, I have gotten rid of new golf shoes that have held moisture inside instead of wick it away. The outsole is a flexible spikeless rubber which will allow you to play any course then walk into the nineteenth hole without a second glance.



After 18 holes on the course in the Florida sun I was pleased to feel as if my feet could continue with my day instead of being tired and needing to rest.  On a typical day I find that I want to remove my shoes as soon as I hit the car but with the Minimus SL shoes I honestly left them on and didn’t even think about it.  With the dew of the Florida courses I tested their waterproof abilities and was thrilled to find my feet completely dry! I am extremely pleased by the quality and performance of the Minimus SL golf shoe by New Balance and with a price point of $119 it is also pleasing to the wallet!