Ping G25 Driver Review

Amazing feel, stealthy matte black crown, minimal adjustability, and one of the most forgiveness for any and all golfers.

Cons: Lack of adjustability for some, hard to tell where you have hit the ball on the face.

Overall: One of the best drivers I have hit in a very long time. The ball springs off the face like a rocket. I was able to shape shots fades, draws, high and low were possible with this driver. I was never a fan of the head shape of the Ping G15 but after looking at the upgraded G25 I have to say ping has made a forgiving driver that doesn't look like a robotic pancake. I love the lack of adjustability, simple and stealthy.

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Ping G15 Driver Review

Since the Ping G15 driver was super forgiving and easy to hit, I was really expecting much in terms of playability. When trying to hit certain cuts and draws, I was able to do so with ease, But in some cases, I think the larger head took control of my swing. For a mid handicap player looking for a long driver, one that is hot off of the face, and one you can have some fun with, then the Ping G15 is for you. If Bubba can hit all of the 370 yard bananas with Ping drivers, why can’t you?? I’ll rate the performance of the G15 driver at a nice 8/10.

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