Ping G25 Driver Review

Amazing feel, stealthy matte black crown, minimal adjustability, and one of the most forgiveness for any and all golfers.

Cons: Lack of adjustability for some, hard to tell where you have hit the ball on the face.

Overall: One of the best drivers I have hit in a very long time. The ball springs off the face like a rocket. I was able to shape shots fades, draws, high and low were possible with this driver. I was never a fan of the head shape of the Ping G15 but after looking at the upgraded G25 I have to say ping has made a forgiving driver that doesn't look like a robotic pancake. I love the lack of adjustability, simple and stealthy.

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 Benefits (From Ping): For everyone from beginners to Tour players, the combination of a large, forgiving head, Trajectory Tuning™ Technology, and a speed-generating shaft makes the adjustable G25 driver a sound choice for improving distance and accuracy off the tee. You can add or subtract one-half degree of loft on the standard 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12° settings to optimize launch conditions for maximum distance.

Ping has set a high standard for having a driver to fit almost anyone and everyone in 2013. With the ability to get this driver completely customised and fit to exactly what you need from one of the only big name companies to still fit everything from grip size to the weight of the clubhead.

My Day on the Course and Range: When I first tested this driver I had a Miyazaki Kusala Tour X-Flex. I went straight to the range and put the driver threw its paces. The driver shaft combination had amazing feel extremely low spin but a very low launch. Very consistent solid feel and surprisingly very quiet. 3 Days the new HOT PINK Graffaloy Bimatrix Tour Proto X-Flex showed up. I could not hold my excitment so I threw it into the adjustable hosel and went straight to the course. I thought the Kasula was amazing I have to admit I was WRONG. The Bimatrix shaft makes this club come alive now I know why Mr. Watson is one of the longest out on tour right now. The first hole is a 365 yard par 4. Lets just say first swing with the hot pink bimatrix (besides all of my buddies making fun of me fpr the shaft) was an explosion of amazingness, when I was only 15 yarss from the from of the green and only 5 yards left from center.  Yes my friends changed there minds real quick. After the round I went to my local club builder, we put the G25 on the trackman (why we didn't record the data is still a clue to both of us) we averaged a 20 ball average and the numbers were, club head speed avg. 124 mph, carry distance 295 yards, average drive 322, smash factor of 1.22, and launch of 12.64*. I was shocked and absolutely speachless. My overall feeling is I would strongly suggest you try this one out and try not to fall in Love.