An Enjoyable Experience in the PGA TOUR Super Store Fitting Van

An Enjoyable Experience in the PGA TOUR Superstore Fitting Van

By: Bill Cuebas


How many times have you tried to correct your swing, but your game never seems to improve?


Despite the efforts of the instructor, the athleticism of the player or determination of the student, if the set of clubs do not fit the player, improvement is difficult at best, but probably impossible.




Every golfer can get fit, but the result is only as good as the professional providing it. The PGA TOUR Superstore Fitting Van Experience offers certified fitters for every major brand.


I recently visited the Orlando PGA TOUR Superstore for a driver fitting and was introduced to Sam, the certified professional, who would be doing my fitting. Before we began, he asked what golf ball I normally used and grabbed a fresh sleeve of my favorite Srixon balls for our session.




As I took a few swings to loosen up, Sam observed and asked, “What is your typical miss? “


He lined up four driver heads to be tested during the fitting.  With each driver, Sam made adjustments and tried various shafts. Every time he changed a shaft or head, my trackman numbers improved. Each new combination increased distance and overall shot quality. By the fourth driver/shaft combination, I was very satisfied, but Sam was not done with me yet. In under an hour, he tested four various driver heads and shafts, to improve my swing speed, which improved total carry and yardage.


The ultimate winner was the new Ping G400, 9-degree with a KuroKage Silver DC 60 gram shaft combination.

I did not change my swing in any way, but gained 23 yards of distance!


The idea behind the PGA TOUR Superstore Van is for the professional fitter, who has complete knowledge of all equipment brands, to match the correct club to each individual’s game, to maximize distance and shot quality.


Although drivers did vary in price, Sam did not promote one brand over another, he was only concerned with fitting ME, with the correct club to maximize my game. I was left with the decision, which club was right for my game and budget.


The experience, with the PGA TOUR Superstore Fitting Van, has increased my confidence, as well as, added extra distance off the tee. With a club fitting performed by the experts in the PGA TOUR Superstore Fitting Van, every golfer can improve their game and lower their scores. They have the certified professionals that know the game of golf and the equipment involved.



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