Ladies Cobra BIO Cell Driver Review

No two women are alike. So why should their drivers be? If you are looking for a driver that you can make your own, fine tune to fit your swing and the conditions you play in, check out this driver! The Women's Cobra Bio Cell driver introduces innovative technology which delivers functionality combined with style to give you maximum distance and unparalleled personalization.           

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Product Details:

FORGED E9™ BIO CELL FACE - New BiO CELL pockets combined with E9 Face technology removes weight from the face to deliver a larger effective Sweet Zone™ with faster ball speeds for longer and straighter drives - especially on off-center hits.
MYFLY8™ TECHNOLOGY - Eight adjustable loft settings to maximize distance and manage trajectory for any course condition and any swing.
SMARTPAD™ TECHNOLOGY - Delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting.

I tested the Cobra BiO Cell Ladies Driver with a Grafalloy Project X - PXv 49g Ladies flex shaft, Beet Root Purple Color.

The Cobra BiO Cell Driver comes in three cool color options; Desert Flower, Aqua Splash and Beetroot Purple, which actually is more pink than purple. The shaft is mostly white with some graphic detailing near the grip and is finished off with a matching grip. 

At first glance, I thought the driver head was a solid color, but on closer inspection, I noticed the top back of the driver had a cool honey comb or tortoise shell print on it which gives it a very stylish, fashion forward look. But it's not there for looks only. This is where Cobra did a mash up with functionality and style. Those are the actual BiO Cell pockets which they've integrated into the crown. The pockets, combined with Cobra's E9 Face technology removes weight from the face and repositions it low and to the back of the club thereby delivering a bigger Sweet Zone and added forgiveness on off-center hits.

I'm totally loving the white color choice of the shaft which makes both the driver head and the matching grip pop.

The first thought that ran through my mind when I held this Cobra driver was "Wow...this is really light". It did not feel cumbersome as some 460cc driver heads do. It also proved to be very easy to swing and had a crisp, sharp sound when striking the ball. The grip has a nice slight tacky feel to it and is easy on the hands, which I like.

The MYFLY8 Technology gives you eight adjustable loft settings (11.0°, 11.5°, 11.5° D, 12.5°, 12.5°D, 13.5°, 13.5°D, 14.0°) enabling you to fine tune your driver according to your swing, your desired  trajectory, the course you're playing and even the weather conditions you're playing in. Playing a course where a draw off the tee would be most beneficial? No problem...dial in a loft with the "D" for draw. Playing in windy conditions and need to keep your drives low? Easy breezy (pun intended)...dial it down to a lower loft. With the provided adjustment tool, changing lofts is quick and easy.

Cobra Golf also incorporates their SmartPad Technology, which is located on the bottom of the driver. What this does is delivers a square face at address, no matter what loft you have it tuned to. Normally, when you add loft, the driver face appears to be closed at address. When you reduce loft, the club face appears open at address. For me, it's a bit disconcerting seeing either a closed or open clubface at address...especially with the driver. My brain seems to process that and tries to "fix" it during my swing, resulting in a less than desirable shot. With the SmartPad Technology, the driver face is always square at address, regardless of what loft I had it tuned to. For me, that's visually appealing.

My only wish with the adjustability is that there was a ladies 10.5° loft option. That being said, having it set at 11.0° worked just fine for me, but I'll continue to wonder what the result would have been with a 10.5° loft.

The Cobra BiO Cell driver promises a higher launch with low spin and it delivers!  Initially, my driver was set to 12.5° which launched it really high...too high for my swing. With a 12.5°loft my average drive was coming up short of my normal drives. When I dialed the loft down to 11.0°, drives were on average about 10 yards longer!! I have to say, I was a bit surprised so just for good measure,  I took it out again on a day with relatively no wind. Again, I experienced added yardage off the tee. Without being on a launch monitor, I cannot definitively say whether there was more or less spin to my drives, however, I can say my mishits did not fly drastically offline.

My Conclusion in a Nutshell:
Overall, I'm very excited about the Cobra BiO Cell driver. It looks good, it feels good and it performs. Ladies, if you're looking to take your driving game to another level, give Cobra's BiO Cell driver a good look. Personalize it to fit your personal swing and maximize your distance off the tee. I think you'll be pleased.