Taylormade RBZ Stage2 Driver

Last years RBZ won our Club Wars for longest distance across the board for testers. It wasnt very impressive to me, even with that accomplishment. The driver just didnt work for me. The feel, the shallow face, the sound, and I the control wasnt for me. When the new Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 drivers came in for review, I thought it would be a lot like last years but with a new paint job. I was wrong, this driver was deep and fairway finding for me right away. I was a believer and now behind Taylormades work, since most TM drivers never really fit my game/swing.

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BombTech Grenade Driver

For the past couple of years, I have received many items to test and review. There has never been one that blew my mind as much as this driver. Upon receiving the Grenade driver from BombTech Golf, I was a little skeptical. Can a guy really get together with some college students and create a driver that is comparable to those already on the market? I mean these big companies have years of research and development put into each and every club they produce! How will this driver stand up to the test?

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Titleist 913D2 Driver Review

I never hit a Titleist driver before testing the 913D2. When I first got the D2 in my hands the first thing I thought was "wow, the balance is perfect". The weight distribution and balance is just amazing in the 913D2. It's a 460cc driver head, but it really doesnt look or feel like it. It looks and feels like a 440cc tour level driver with the distance and forgiveness of a 460cc driver. It is a wonderful mix and a nice change of pace. Hooked up to the D2 was a stock Diamana S+ Blue shaft at 62grams I would say is usually too light for me to consider keeping it, but I didn't want to disturb the weight and balance of this driver. It turns out, this is one heck of a stock shaft with almost perfect torque and kickpoints for the D2's head.

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Wilson Staff D-100 Driver

When the R&D team at Wilson Staff got together to design the D-100 driver I imagine they walked into a conference room with the word "awesome" written on a white board. Because that is what the D-100 driver is. To say the D-100 is SuperLight would be an understatement. How they did it, I don't know, I'm not paid to think, they are. Even though 2013 seems to be the year of red, white and black drivers the D-100 has a simple and elegant look. The contrast of matte and gloss black is really nice. The white Matrix OZIK HD4.1 with all of its black writing is pretty cool too, people may complain "too much going on", but come on, it's a shaft, not John Daly's Sunday attire. Something nice about the D-100 is the deeper face compared to last years Superlight. The D-100 is geared towards the max-game improvement area but with a deeper face it certainly fits a lot more golfers than it seems. The stock grip is actually not that bad for a stock grip, which isn't those usual horrible "tour velvets" you would usually find on drivers. But at 46" in length it could be a little long for some people.

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Adams Super LS Driver Review


VST (Velocity Slot Technology) expanding the sweet spot, low spin, adjustable face angle, length and swing weight, familiar matte white crown / black deep face and the Kuro Kage Shaft.

Cons: Graphics on the crown can be distracting and the stock grip can get slippery.

Overall: Essentially a tricked out RBZ with VST and a really great shaft option.  Someone with a higher ball speed will see improved distance and many of us will notice much less spin. A great option for a lower handicap golfer.

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Nike Covert Tour Driver

With Club Wars '13 right around the corner, the OEM's have been steadily sending in their latest contenders for the battle. The first set of drivers to come in were from Nike with their cavity back Covert and Covert Tour models. After visiting Nike at the PGA show in January, I was excited to get my hands on the Covert Tour. Everything about this driver intrigued me. A cavity back on a driver? Adjustable from 8.5* to 12.5*? After a few rounds and countless range sessions, I have the Covert Tour dialed in for my liking,

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Nike Covert 2.0 Driver Review

Nike Covert 2.0 Driver Review

Pros: FlexLoft adjustability can set up great for anyone off the rack. The Kuro Kage Black shaft is a fantastic OEM option. Nike's new Tour Wrap grips are extremely tacky and feel great.

Cons: Sound off the face is very dull.

Conclusion: The Covert 1.0 driver felt a little more rigid and raw, unfinished so to speak. Nike went back and  re-engineered the 2.0's High Speed Cavity Back design and I believe they did a great job making the Covert 2.0 be more forgiving, easier to hit. With my swing, the Kuro Kage in the Tour model fit me better. I felt myself slowing down my swing speed but was able to keep my ball speed up.

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TaylorMade RBZ Tour Driver

OK, so you have the latest and greatest from TaylorMade and all of a sudden their new "IT" driver comes out.  There is no way you are going to fork over another $300 on another new driver, right? Of course not, you are going to trade in your almost new driver for pennies for that brand new one that some say is the longest, hottest driver around.  I have been extremely fortunate to have been playing with the new RBZ Tour for the last 4 months. And all I have to say is WOW!

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