Callaway X2 Hot Pro Driver Review

Callaway X2 Hot Pro Driver Review

Having the ability to test drivers for Club Wars not only gives me an opportunity to swing the newest equipment, but also allows me to see and feel the progression of clubs from generation to generation.  

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TaylorMade SLDR Driver Review

Before we get into the review, please note that this review was done by a good friend of ours who is a + handicap, has a driver swing speed of 125mph and has won 20+ mini tour events. With that said, here is his review on the TaylorMade SLDR Driver:

It's TaylorMade so it's always tough for me to say anything bad about this company. There haven't been many times that I've used something of theirs and not liked it to be honest. A few years back when they introduced the white color, I finally thought they were nuts and made something horrible looking but then I got one and quickly changed my tune.

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Ping G25 Driver Review

Amazing feel, stealthy matte black crown, minimal adjustability, and one of the most forgiveness for any and all golfers.

Cons: Lack of adjustability for some, hard to tell where you have hit the ball on the face.

Overall: One of the best drivers I have hit in a very long time. The ball springs off the face like a rocket. I was able to shape shots fades, draws, high and low were possible with this driver. I was never a fan of the head shape of the Ping G15 but after looking at the upgraded G25 I have to say ping has made a forgiving driver that doesn't look like a robotic pancake. I love the lack of adjustability, simple and stealthy.

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TaylorMade R1 Driver Review

It's true, when the first spy photos of the Taylormade R1 Driver "leaked" on the web I was not shy to blast TaylorMade for the over the top graphics on the crown and massive dial on the sole of the club. Let's not forget that this driver is also a "one size fits all" club off the rack too. Like most of you, I was wondering if this was just a marketing gimmick to get new sales or does all this new technology hold merit for the everyday amateur golfer looking for a few extra yards in a new driver.

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Callaway FT OptiForce Driver

The Callaway FT OptiForce driver is a 2013 mid-season release for Callaway. They boast it as lighter and longer. In a year that saw probably the best success in Callaway drivers, the need for a 3rd driver that looks much like old Callaway models is well... odd. None the less Callaway deemed it necessary.

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Callaway X Hot Pro Driver

Pros of the X Hot Pro Driver: 435cc club head is ideal for workability, thin wall casting creates a hot feel off the face, speed frame face created more ball speed.

Cons of the X Hot Pro Driver: Shaft is .75" too long (for me), optifit tech doesn't adjust loft, the new grip had a tendency to slip in hotter temperatures. No alignment markings on the crown.

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Taylormade RBZ Stage2 Driver

Last years RBZ won our Club Wars for longest distance across the board for testers. It wasnt very impressive to me, even with that accomplishment. The driver just didnt work for me. The feel, the shallow face, the sound, and I the control wasnt for me. When the new Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 drivers came in for review, I thought it would be a lot like last years but with a new paint job. I was wrong, this driver was deep and fairway finding for me right away. I was a believer and now behind Taylormades work, since most TM drivers never really fit my game/swing.

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BombTech Grenade Driver

For the past couple of years, I have received many items to test and review. There has never been one that blew my mind as much as this driver. Upon receiving the Grenade driver from BombTech Golf, I was a little skeptical. Can a guy really get together with some college students and create a driver that is comparable to those already on the market? I mean these big companies have years of research and development put into each and every club they produce! How will this driver stand up to the test?

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