Srixon Fifth Generation Q-Star Review

Back in June Srixon released its newest Q-Star golf ball (Press Release) . These new balls are geared for the mid to high handicap players, like myself. With this new ball, Srixon is attempting to give you the ability to maximize your drives while not sacrificing your short game. I’m definitely interested in how this will actually translate on the course and in my scores. 

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Snell Golf Ball Review - MTB Red & MTB Black

Snell Golf burst onto the golf scene in March, 2015. Owner, Dean Snell, founded his company on an underlying principle to provide “Tour caliber equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price”. His introductory performance ball “My Tour Ball” or MTB, offered great feel, spin and distance at a price far lower than the competition, quickly becoming a direct-to-consumer sensation. One of the best factors that has led to Snell’s success, is personal interaction from Mr. Snell. He listened and incorporated feedback from his customers to introduce two new models this year – MTB Black and MTB Red.

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WilsonStaff Duo / Duo Spin Golf Ball Review

In recent years, there’s been a move towards softer golf balls.  Is it a matter of the cover material, the inner core, outer mantel, the overall compression of the golf ball?  The simple answer is…yes.  Different companies utilize varying degrees of these characteristics to achieve the same thing.  But is a lower compression ball for you?  If so, which one?!?  I took a look at the newest additions from Wilson Staff, the Wilson Duo and Duo Spin balls.

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Snell Golf Ball Review

There are a few things in this world that are absolute.  Things like…the world is round, we need oxygen to breathe, the sun is hot and Titleist dominates the golf ball market.Nike Shoes
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Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls

Callaway Speed Regime Golf Ball Review

Callaway has rediscovered itself in the past few years.  First, they took on the giant of the golf industry, TaylorMade, and introduced a new marketing campaign and quality clubs to challenge TM’s very successful driver and woods market.  How is Callaway doing?  They’re currently #2 in that arena, restored confidence in their brand and are gaining market share every year.

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Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review

Most average golfers out there are seeking more distance, which may lead them to the Titleist Velocity golf ball. They pickup every distance ball they can find, but then soon realize they aren't the best feeling balls to play with the irons. You usually have a choice between distance or feel, when you shop around for something that's not a tour ball. But the Velocity offers a distance ball with a not so rock-hard feeling.

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Chromax M1x Golf Ball Review

For the new 2014 season Chromax has released The M1x golf ball. Having tried out a few of Chromax’s other lines I was ready to put them into play. For those of you that do not know about Chromax here is a little information on the Company.

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3 Up 3F12 Golf Ball Review

Quite some time ago, I found a company on Twitter that was just breaking into the golf industry. This is a tough field to jump into these days, especially when the product at hand is a golf ball. There are so many quality golf balls on the market today, and most of them come from the brands we all know and trust. So how can a startup company produce anything close to what these big dogs produce? Will the performance be there?

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