Volvik Vista Golf Ball Review

Up for review are the Volvik Vista iv and Volvik Crystal. I first noticed Volvik Golf Balls while I was at Volvik’s Race for the Card Tour event for the ladies. Watching the ladies crush these colored balls down the fairway was very impressive.  Then I received my Volvik Golf ball from Maurice Allen. Maurice set the Guinness world record for driver ball speed at 211 MPH. The ball has a caricature of Maurice on it.



Volvik Vista iv


The Vista iv is a 4 piece ball and its playability is geared towards the advanced golfer and Tour Player. It is currently available in 5 colors. You can order all White, or a box of the assorted colors. Assorted not for you? Pick your color. Choice is yours.

Distance: 9/10 - Got good distance as well as control off the Tee

Feel: 9/10 - Liked the feel off all clubs

Control: 8.5/10 - Was able to work the ball

Durability: 9/10 –Held up really well

Total Score 9 out of 10

I really liked the ball flight with this ball. It was a little higher than I am use to put I liked the results. Around the greens the control was very good. I was able to check it up and the feel of putter head was soft.


Volvik Crystal


The Volvik Crystal is a 3 piece is for the advanced golfer with slower speeds. The ball compressed much easier, and is soft. The Crystals are available in 4 colors. You can pick Assorted or one Color to complete your dozen.

Distance: 8/10 - Good distance

Feel: 8/10 - Liked the feel off all clubs but my swing speed might be a bit higher than recommended

Control: 8/10 - Was able to work the ball with controlled swings

Durability: 9/10 –Held up didn’t cut up easily.

Total Score 8.25 out of 10


The Volvik Golf Balls are full of Color. I like that they give you the choice all of the same or assorted colors when purchased. With so many white and yellow balls being played you can and will stand out. I chose the Orange Balls. They are easy to find, they stand out, making it super easy to identify my ball. If you are unsure which Volvik is for you no worries? They offer Find My Ball Match. Click Here to start : http://www.volvik.com/ball-fitting/

For more information on Volvik Golf Ball visit : http://www.volvik.com/

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