Callaway Hex Hot Pro Golf Ball Review


So it's the dawn of a new day for golf balls in 2013. And the Callaway Hex Hot Pro Golf Ball is seizing the day. Before you had a choice between distance or feel, control or distance, soft or hard, deep or ... fluffy. This year Mid-range balls have been trying to capture all these areas in a well priced package. Some fail at it, others excel. A lot of factors on what is good with these "all around" golf balls is purely preference. My review of the Callaway Hex Hot Pro will talk about what it does, what it cant do, and my preferences.

The Callaway Hex Hot Pro Golf Ball is a distance ball, it has a large core, a thin cover and is a little harder to feel. It feels like other 2-layer Callaway distance balls, even though it has a 3-layer setup (a thin layer between the cover and core), it does add a slightly softer feel than those 2-layer balls but not much off the long clubs. It still has the light/hollow feel off the bif clubs.

Velocity/Ball speed: You can see on well struck hits that the ball speed is up there, and is dare I say... Hot. Even for a lighter feeling ball it cooks up to speed and leaves your sight pretty quickly. I noticed that it doesn't hold its velocity very well compared to a few other balls in the same category. Not saying it isn't long, because it is. The ball speed is just insane. But it doesn't hold it's flight or velocity that long. The loss of velocity is made up with low driver spin to help get really nice roll outs.

Spin/Control: This is where the Callaway HEX hot pro golf ball stands out compared to other balls in it's category. Working the ball was easy, it wouldn't spin out of control, it would hold it's lines, and was very predictable. Something I noticed with other balls in this category is that they do not want to work with you much, if at all. They can be pretty hard to turn over, but the Hex pro was a champ when working shots. It may not be the most sure footed on the greens, but that 3rd layer we spoke of, helps you get some check and make it dance a little.

Sound/Feel: I kind of talked about these, but thought I'd add this for the skimmers. The feel is not THAT great as I expected. Sort of hollow and light feeling. I would like something a little heavier and thud sounding, with less of a ping sound(there's that preference talk again).

All-in-all: Even with my complaining and my babying, I like the ball. With the distance and control, it actually suited me well. The price is great for what it has and offers. I was a fan of Nikes One RZN balls for the distance and velocity, but I couldn't work the ball, and that is just a no go for this fella. So if you liked the One RZN but wanted a little more control and spin, then check out the Hex Hot Pro.