Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review

Most average golfers out there are seeking more distance, which may lead them to the Titleist Velocity golf ball. They pickup every distance ball they can find, but then soon realize they aren't the best feeling balls to play with the irons. You usually have a choice between distance or feel, when you shop around for something that's not a tour ball. But the Velocity offers a distance ball with a not so rock-hard feeling.

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I am not the usual distance ball player. I am more of a mid-tour/tour premium ball player. When I started playing the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball I figured it would be just another rock-hard distance ball, I was wrong.


The distance is pretty spot on or close to a lot of top quality tour balls. But the ball speeds off the driver and longer clubs is pretty good. It does have a lot of velocity off the right shots, and the name makes a lot of sense. The distances are pretty consistent down the line, but come up just a tad short for my shorter irons.


Off the driver it has minimal spin and lot's of roll out for me. These are all things you want in a distance ball off the big stick. The same happens all down the line of clubs, minimal side spin, and a little more top spin it seems. I don't get that check-up green shot, Actually a lot of roll-outs on the green. Specially with long and mid irons, the top-spin greens roll out would usually be around 2-5 feet. I like my ball to hit the green and stop, or not be more than 4 inches from where it hits. So the green play for me just didn't work to my needs, but most golfers over estimate their shots and the roll out will probably serve them well.


For a distance ball it doesn't have an overly hollow and hard feel. The hardest the ball will feel will be off the wedges, where it doesn't get compressed that much.


Who cares, it's a distance ball. Just go hit it long and straight.


There usually isn't durability problems with these harder distance balls. I played one ball for 4 or 5 straight rounds with minimal nicks or scuffs, and no change in play.


Overall it's a fairway and green finder. The Roll out we long on the driver for long distance is great, but can hurt some on the greens. If you take big divots and chomp down on the ball, then you probably won't need to worry about the wedge/green spin problems. I like it off the driver, FW, hybrids, and tee shots with irons. It is a long ball and stays pretty straight on most full shots and is pretty hard to work when needing a lil English. But if you are looking for a distance ball the odds are you don't work it. You just want long and straight, and this will do that without completely dropping the feel aspect of the game. The ball will fit a high handicapper seeking a straighter flight with a distance close to a more expensive ball. A mid-handicapper will benefit if they have been struggling with hitting fairways or greens.