BPutters Putter Review

BPutters Panther putter review:  When it comes to putters there is one thing to remember, don’t under estimate the new guy. This year I had the opportunity to meet Antonio Biagioli, the owner and designer of BPutters based out of Cesena, Italy through Twitter. He was just in the beginning phases of designing and milling BPutters. Once he posted pictures, you could not help but drool over the lines, mills marks and PVD polished finish of his works of art. Antonio says, “I have always had great interest in putters, because their shape, finishes and mostly the intimacy of their use. During the last 4 years, I worked mainly on the automotive sector, so I could say that mechanics belongs to me, the milling process, finishes are well known elements, but never transferred before to the golf industry. I finally came up with 4 models because I wanted to give golfers a choice in terms of shape, weight, specs and feeling.”

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I have reviewed and tested many putters from many manufactures, BPutters is my first review from a company outside the United States. I have to say, Antonio has amazed me with his model, the Panther. From the BPutters website, “A model that is agile like a Panther, soft yet bewitching in its form, this semi-mallet will leave its mark on the green. Available either in 303 steel or carbon steel for even greater feel.”


- 1-piece billet milled              - 32 to 35 Inches length
- 303 SS or carbon steel          - 335 grams
- 2 to 5 degrees loft                - Toe balanced
- 70 to 72 degrees lie              - LH & RH

Antonio says BPutters are “milled from a single block of Italian stainless or carbon steel and entirely hand polished. The whole process ensures the best accuracy and customization; from the choice of materials through the machining phase. That makes it possible to tailor the putter according to the customer’s needs, right up to the various finishes available that combine aesthetic value with maximum functionality and durability, without sacrificing the craftsmanship that generates each putter as the result of a unique process and represents a real one of a kind.”

            Right out of the box, the first thing that drew my attention was the deep milling on the face of the putter, the high polished PVD finish and the curves of the bumpers on the back of the putter. The fine attention to detail that was put into this putter is clearly visible in the whole putter design from mill to finish. My favorite part is the milling from the curves to the deep milling on the face, Antonio really has a passion for putters and his attention to detail is shown in many areas.

When you address the ball, I am used to a single sight line. The Panther model from BPutters has both a sight dot and 2 sight lines which are when at address lined up with the outside of the ball. This did help when trying to align putts, but being used to a single sight line this did take some time to get used to.

            Overall the putter performed to my expectations, pure, soft but not too soft. I enjoyed and will bag the Bputter Panther model in my bag. One thing that I do love about BPutter’s is there huge attention to detail. Not only the putter but the little stuff that stood out as well. There were 2 options for the headcover choice. Either a white cover with the company logo and the Italy flag on the side or a leather cover with the logo heat branded into the top. The leather cover for me was my favorite. Not only the branding, the inside was a smooth vinyl but also inside is a little Italy flag along the seam. This goes to show Antonio’s passion and attention to detail to make sure every golfer get a true “one of a kind” experience in every putter that is ordered. Options also include the choice of multiple finishes, loft, lie, length and grip choices. He goes above and beyond to make sure you have the opportunity to order a true custom that fits you and your style.

In closing, the BPutters Panther model was a great surprise and Antonio really wow’d me out of the box with its looks and many options to customize it to make it a true one of a kind. Antonio spent long hours, endless nights and knocked it out of the park with BPutters and the Panther model. If you are looking to up your game and customize your bag with a true custom made putter from the ground up, BPutters is definitely a great choice. Check them out at www.BPutters.com.