Buzelli Putter Review

If you are wondering what the new Buzz in putters is, wonder no more. I would like to introduce you to the Buzelli Putter.  The folks at Buzelli are striving to deliver high quality equipment, did they succeed? Let’s begin to find out the answer.


The Model being reviewed: The Buzelli STA-1 Putter, which is modeled after the Anser.  Buzelli added weight to make it heavier, as well as making it a bit longer and wider for more stability, and balance.   It’s made from soft carbon 11L17 steel, with a low glare chrome finish. I like the finish no bounce back from the sun. Another important thing I must mention is that this putter is made here in the USA.

Standard Specifications:                                  

Full shaft offset                                                     

355 Grams 

70 degree lie 

3 degree loft 

32.5” - 37” Length 

Dexterity: Right handed

When I began to unpack the Buzelli Putter, I noticed a cool head cover protecting the putter. It wasn’t until later that I found out it was a 1st Edition LTD-1 Buzelli Putter Cover. The cover was made with a Velcro enclosure to ensure it stays on. During the many rounds played, over a 6 week period the Velcro has held up wonderfully. Yes, I do mean many rounds. 




Another nice surprise was the SD-1 Divot Tool; also a 1st Edition this divot tool is made from aluminum is light weight and has a cool laser engraved design.  It’s very simple and easy to use for fixing your divots. Something that I did notice and appreciate was that it didn’t stab or poke me while in my pocket. Thank you Buzlli! 


Ah, now when this beauty appears, I was in love with the Buzelli logo on the bottom, it screamed USA!!!  To be fair I never really was a fan of offset putters, but wanted to give this beauty a shot. 


You might have picked up earlier when I mentioned many rounds played over a 6 week period. Well,  it is true, I played a lot. I used this putter on at least 7 different golf courses, with many variations in speeds and undulations on the greens. 


I really enjoyed playing with The Buzelli STA-1 Putter; I made sure to get accustomed to it and the feel before putting it in the bag. Once that was done and I felt that I was comfortable I put it in the bag and it hasn’t left. I like the feel and the way the ball rolls off the face. I was able to control the speed for the most part. When faced with a Downhill fast putt I simple lined ball closer to toe for off hit and let it do all the work. 


If you want a quality and reasonably priced putter made here in the USA, the Buzelli STA-1 Putter could be for you. Check out the putters at:  http://buzelligolf.com/index.htm to find out more about Buzelli Golf products. Then check out “Company Passion” http://buzelligolf.com/company-passion.htm to get a better insight into Ryan Buzelli the man behind Buzelli Golf. On social media you can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Buzelligolf?ref=br_tf on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BuzelliGolf