The Spin on Indi Golf

After being introduced to the Indi Golf press release in November 2017 BiGG’s Golf Talk was fortunate enough to have General Manager, Rob Lang as a guest on the show. He expressed that he believes the new StingRay wedge is the best wedge on the market especially for the recreational golfer. Being able to meet Rob face to face at this year’s PGA Show allowed me to share in person my thoughts on the club that I had the pleasure of testing myself.

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JP Wedges

My Dream Day with JP Wedges by Titleist Review

My Dream Day with JP




Can you image the feeling of getting a text from one of your favorite friends after a LONG three year absence? For me, it was excitement!  The message was simple; “Call me. It’s something golf related”.  He had me at golf related.  I know you would feel the same way if your friend was none other than James Harrington.  YES; the legend himself, JP.  The man behind JP Wedges.

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Miura New Wedge Series

Miura New Wedge Series Review

How do you improve on perfection? Well, according to Miura you must have the soul of an artist and the mind of an engineer. It takes a subtle redesign, a technological refinement and of course a rejuvenated feel to re-invent that perfection that has never been lost but re-born. The "New" Wedge Series takes from the "Old" Series and improves on the leading edge and bounce angles which enhance impact feel and consistency with your divots. Another change to the New Wedge Series are the odd numbered lofts. In my opinion, that makes the wedges feel more

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