Mizuno JPX Wedges Review

This review is on the new JPX Wedges with Quad Cut Grooves.  One of the first things that stood out when I removed the JPX Wedges from the box was the Black Ni finish. I will address more on the finish later on in the review. Another cool stand out was the way they incorporated the large groove cut in the underside of the wedge. It’s a really nice touch that stands out.

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These Wedges are easy on the eyes. They look sleek with a hint of Bad Boy in them. Remember I mentioned that these

come in a Black Ni finish, and that I would touch on it later. Well later is now. With the Black Ni finish there was a big decrease in glare. This is big especially living in the Sunshine State.   The wedges have a really nice feel to them. They feel softer than other cast wedges I have played.  This could be due to the use of Harmonic Impact Technology, which is how they get a solid and pure feel in these wedges.


By having a bit larger face and adding some relief in the toe and heel Mizuno gives us the most out of miss hits. Hitting the ball off center still kept me close to target, I lost some distance but the line was not terribly off. When I did hit off center shots I did feel it in the feedback. It was subtle nothing dramatic.  Forgiveness is these are a big plus.

Final Thoughts

The Mizuno JPX Wedges with Quad Cut Grooves played extremely well. With the smooth sole I found the bounce to be more effective. I think I have had an improvement in my overall short game. I had 2 areas in my game that I have had big improvements. The first is out of greenside bunkers. I am getting the ball out easier and keeping it on the green. The other area is making the ball stop. I use to experience the ball landing and rolling out. Now I can find my ball marks very close where the ball is resting.  These wedges have some serious stopping power. As I became more comfortable I found myself gaining Confidence and I started to attack pin. If you are in need of wedges that have stopping power with forgiveness the Mizuno JPX Wedges with Quad Cut are for you. You can get more information on the JPX Wedge here:  http://www.mizunousa.com/golf/products/mizuno-jpx-wedges