Miura K Wedge Review

When the opportunity came to review the Miura K Wedge, I have to admit I was rather excited and nervous at the same time. I had seen Miura clubs and admired their beauty and craftsmanship. My initial thoughts were they were well beyond my golfing ability. I immediately started to question myself, did I do the right thing by accepting the challenge to review the Miura K Wedge.

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Initial Thoughts:

The day I received  the package containing my 60* Miura K Wedge, I was like a little boy trying to rip open a birthday gift. I couldn’t get inside the box fast enough. Finally I was in and able to finally pull it out. Her head was protected by a Miura iron head cover, I almost felt like I was being teased. I took the cover off and unveiled a piece of art. Boy was she beautiful. The real questions remained, how she would perform.


Eager to get familiar with the K Wedge, I immediately headed out to my backyard with her in hand. I did some basic chip and pitch shots just to get a better idea of what I was in for when I put her into play. The next morning I headed out to the golf course early to get some practice in around the greenside before I put her to work on the course. I left the practice area smiling and looking forward to using it during play. After each round I found myself playing better and feeling more at ease with my K Wedge. The Miura K wedge was smooth and the feedback was amazing. I knew if I hit it pure. There was nothing during regular play that the K wedge couldn’t get through smoothly. With weather conditions constantly changing in Florida from dry to wet fast you need to be prepared. I was prepared for any type of bounce conditions with the K Wedge. Dry sand or wet sand it was like putting butter on toast.

Final Thoughts:

The Miura K Wedge doesn’t only look good, it plays good. I actually started to have faith in 80 yards and in play. If I was in trouble in a tough rough I didn’t care the distance I reached for the Miura K Wedge to get me out. It gave me a new confidence. My mind set was now to take the half shot and give myself a better chance to save the hole. For those who think Miura Clubs are just for Top notch players, like I did. I say give them a try and you too might become a believer like me, an ordinary hacker trying to be the best I can be

For more information on Miura Golf please visit their web site: http://www.miuragolf.com/index.asp