Cobra Tour Trusty Rusty Wedge Review

Like many of you, when the new groove rule was announced in 2010, I found myself having to think about the future of me playing my 588 Tour Action wedges. I understood I had time to play my pre 2010 made wedges, but something didn't sit right with me knowing I was playing with non conforming wedges. I tested quite a few wedges and then Cobra re-introduced in 2011 the Trusty Rusty Wedge.

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A new take on Phil Rogers original Tri-Bounce soul from the late 90's. A couple swings with the 55* sand wedge and I was hooked. I loved the odd lofts and slightly larger club head design. My 51, 55 and 59 degree wedges felt solid in my hand. My swing felt effortless and, in my opinion, the rusted gold club head and black shaft was killer looking.

When I talked to the folks at Cobra during the PGA Merchandise Show in Vegas in 2013, I learned that most of the things I loved about the Trusty Rusty was being scrapped for the new Tour Trusty Rusty being released later that year. Gone were the odd number lofts. Gone was the black shaft and more importantly, a new soul and grind was going to replace the Tri-Bounce soul. I will admit I was a little disappointed but at the same time very intrigued and eager to get my hands on the new wedges.

Since I like my wedges a little more aggressively lofted, I went with a 50, 54 and 58 degree set up. Subconsciously this allows me to not have to try to swing my wedges hard when I am put in an odd distance situation.

On the surface it appeared the changes made were to make the new Tour Trusty Rusty look more like a conventional wedge, and it does. What I realized is that it's not such a bad thing. Upon further inspection, I noticed those elements from Cobra that I did like. On the soul where you had the noticeable Tri-Bounce grind, Cobra has introduced the new Tour notch K-Grind. This new grind which is on the heel & toe of the soul is very subtle and effective. What I like about this is that the wedge now sits closer to the ground and has a much thinner leading edge. This makes for easier shots off hard pan lies and almost eliminates hitting the ball thin. Cobra got rid of offset on the new Tour Trusty Rusty. Combined with the larger club face you have a wedge with improved alignment and looks at address while maximizing the groove edges and volume to the USGA allowable limit. The milled grooves on the Tour Trusty Rusty are now 15% larger and wider than the grooves from last year's Trusty Rusty. The larger grooves help to control the trajectory of the ball and also aids in creating more spin around the greens. On top of the larger grooves, Cobra added their new Variable Feed Rate Milling which delivers optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin on all shots. You might read this and think that no ball cover has a chance to survive after a round of golf with the Tour Trusty Rusty but I can assure you I actually see very little scoff marks on my golf balls.

Since picking up my first Trusty Rusty 2 years ago I haven't looked back. The fear of a re-design last year had me a little concerned as I had finally found a wedge I love, but the subtle changes only made the new Tour Trusty Rusty better. For those who have problems hitting your wedges, the Tour Trusty Rusty has a larger face which puts more club behind the ball. This will help you build up your confidence when you are faced with those delicate off the green pitches. For more info visit