Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedge Review

In golf the term "feel" has been used very loosely. My definition of the term might not be the same as yours but for the sake of this review, feel is equivalent to confidence. Feel is knowing that when I put a certain club in my hand, that I have the confidence to hit the necessary shot without a doubt. Although I believe feel is important for all clubs through the bag, there are 2 clubs in my bag where feel is extremely personal to me. Without a doubt #1 is my putter but the others are my wedges. Yes they all have very similar lofts, lies, bounce and grinds BUT they all feel different in my hands and at address.  The hard part about testing is changing equipment so often. When I tested the Trusty Rusty and Tour Trusty wedges from Cobra, I thought I found the wholly grail of wedges. For me, nothing else I tested had compared UNTIL the Gun Metal Blue Wilson Staff FG Tour TC wedges (56* and 60*) landed in my hands earlier this year!



From Wilson:


The Traditional sole features optimal width and camber for a player with a medium to steep swing.

The Tour Grind sole features a thinner effective sole width for players with a medium to shallow angle of attack and is geared for players with shot variety around the green.


The proprietary Tour-Y groove design and 11 laser-etched micro-spin enhancers between each scoreline support maximum spin on both full and partial shots. Both grooves and lines stand near the USGA maximum for surface roughness.


Two sole options and nine different loft/bounce combinations exist; thus, a choice of 86 unique loft/bounce/sole configurations can be achieved through custom fitting.


Golf Digest 2013 Hotlist award winner.
Used by Kevin Streelman to win 2013 Tampa Bay Championship.


The wedges I tested have the Traditional Sole Grind. The big difference is that the soul on the Tour Grind is just a hair thinner for someone with a more shallow swing. But since I have a steeper swing, the traditional sole works well for my swing. Because of the steeper swing, I tend to use the leading edge a little more also. This helps a lot for me hitting off the weed stricken, heavy club grabbing cacua grass of SoCal. I call it the chunk and run swing and the FG Tour TC passed with flying colors. I felt the combo of weight, balance and club design allowed me to pick the ball off tight lies with ease as well as pop it out of thick rough. The tour Y grooves mixed with the 176 laser etched micro-spin lines gave the face plenty of grip. I got check when I needed it and was able to control spin and run out pretty well without destroying too many golf balls. It truly has been a versatile wedge.


At $99 and having the choice of 3 different finishes is a win win to me. Wilson Staff has been quietly bringing some amazing firepower back to the game of golf for the better golfers. The FG Tour TC wedges are a set to look at if you are in the market for wedges. Another plus is that the Gun Metal Blue finish has held up very well and still look and feel amazing. Remember, I described these as needing to be a "Feel" club for me and they came through the way I needed them to. For more information, check out www.wilsonstaff.com