Miura New Wedge Series Review

How do you improve on perfection? Well, according to Miura you must have the soul of an artist and the mind of an engineer. It takes a subtle redesign, a technological refinement and of course a rejuvenated feel to re-invent that perfection that has never been lost but re-born. The "New" Wedge Series takes from the "Old" Series and improves on the leading edge and bounce angles which enhance impact feel and consistency with your divots. Another change to the New Wedge Series are the odd numbered lofts. In my opinion, that makes the wedges feel more

Nike Herre Sko Udsalg

aggressive in my hands which allows me to be more confident in attacking pins. Miura was kind enough to send me a full set of the their New Wedge Series wedges for testing. (51, 55, 59 degree) This helps me gauge the true performance of the wedges on the course.


The legendary feel and build quality of these wedges are from a combo of a premium low carbon mild steel and Miura's precision forging plus hand grinding and polishing in their own forge and factory in Himeji, Japan. They say there is nothing like the feel of a Miura club and although I have found others that have compared closely, for the most part "they" are right. There is a softness at impact that doesn't affect performance and distance. Usually you sacrifice one for the other but with Miura you can have your cake and eat it too.


With the new leading edge and bounce combo, the New Wedge Series wedge sets up nicely at address. There are no hard lines on the wedge. The leading edge is rounded and the overall shape of the wedge can be defined as having a pear shape. The wedges are weighted a tad heavier than others I've tested which I like a lot. Less effort and let the club do the work. Through impact the wedge cuts through the turf effortlessly and spin control is magnificent.


Not sure if this is a coincidence or not but I did shoot my lowest score of the year with the Miura's in the bag. (+1, 73)  I understand that the privilege to game Miura comes at a premium price but let's be honest,  you get what you pay for. One of, if not the best in material, build, quality and performance in a golf club. If you would like to discover perfection, head on over to www.miuragolf.com to find the closest golf fitter and make an appointment. You won't regret that decision.