Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedge Review

Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedge Review

In golf the term "feel" has been used very loosely. My definition of the term might not be the same as yours but for the sake of this review, feel is equivalent to confidence. Feel is knowing that when I put a certain club in my hand, that I have the confidence to hit the necessary shot without a doubt. Although I believe feel is important for all clubs through the bag, there are 2 clubs in my bag where feel is extremely personal to me. Without a doubt #1 is my putter but the others are my wedges. Yes they all have very similar lofts, lies, bounce and grinds BUT they all feel different in my hands and at address.  The hard part about testing is changing equipment so often. When I tested the Trusty Rusty and Tour Trusty wedges from Cobra, I thought I found the wholly grail of wedges. For me, nothing else I tested had compared UNTIL the Gun Metal Blue Wilson Staff FG Tour TC wedges (56* and 60*) landed in my hands earlier this year!

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Miura K Wedge Review

When the opportunity came to review the Miura K Wedge, I have to admit I was rather excited and nervous at the same time. I had seen Miura clubs and admired their beauty and craftsmanship. My initial thoughts were they were well beyond my golfing ability. I immediately started to question myself, did I do the right thing by accepting the challenge to review the Miura K Wedge.

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Mizuno JPX Wedges Review

This review is on the new JPX Wedges with Quad Cut Grooves.  One of the first things that stood out when I removed the JPX Wedges from the box was the Black Ni finish. I will address more on the finish later on in the review. Another cool stand out was the way they incorporated the large groove cut in the underside of the wedge. It’s a really nice touch that stands out.

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