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Reply Topic: Magnecaddy Club Retrieval

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2 years 8 months ago #111705


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Hey All,

On my show I had a company on called Magnecaddy. Now this is something that goes at the end of your club and it's a strong magnet to pick up your clubs. I have one, and tried it around the house with picking different metal objects. My son said, I bet it can't pick up my baseball bat.....Well I took that challenge on and picked up his Demarini 33" 30 oz. Bat.
Now, I have used this thing for 5 rounds on the course and I love this thing. It even picks up your ball marker, and some flag sticks that have metal on them. If you have problems with joint pain, back pain, hip pain, or anything that hinders you bending over this is great for you.
Check it out at www.magnecaddy.com