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TOPIC: Regripping myself now... question?

Regripping myself now... question? 7 years 6 months ago #56372

I'm getting ready to start regripping my own clubs and purchasing this setup:


My question for any of you who regrip yourselves, when you are doing tape buildup with separate masking tape and NOT the double sided tape, do you put the Masking tape down first for buildup, then the double stick tape, or dbl stick, then masking, then double stick again?

I figure in the end I'm not going to be going through tons of double stick tape anyway and will likely just use this for the extra wraps... But I found that I like 3 extra wraps under the right (low) hand and I think I'd like another wrap or two on the whole thing. (I use midsize grips already)

I'm also thinking I'm going to get into re-shafting myself as well. Last year, because I stored my clubs in my car for the most part, I had to have a couple clubs re-glued. (we had 24 days straight of 98*+) I figure being able to reshaft would be the equivelant and save me time and money AND give me a little bit of pride in ownership as well...

Any tips or tricks when re-gripping? How about re-shafting? I've been watching quite a few youtube videos already :lol:
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Re: Regripping myself now... question? 7 years 6 months ago #56376

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I have regripped my own clubs, and had others do it, and what I will say is that it is a fun thing to do, and don't mind regripping one or two clubs, but I think next time i'd rather pay someone else to do it. Considering I can get a place to regrip my clubs for $1 a club, it is cheaper to pay them a $1 per club than it is for me to pay for the tape, solvent and put the time into it!!
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Re: Regripping myself now... question? 7 years 6 months ago #56377

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Honestly, I dont think that is needed. I bought a rubber clamp from GolfWorks for my vise and to the taping by hand.

I have not dont multiple layers yet but I have the solvent activated tape from GolfWorks and the solvent as well and it works perfect.

So you use midsize and 3 wraps? that seems like a lot. I use midsize and a single wrap.

I am going to be doing a GolfBalled exclusive vid on grip changing and how to.

Quick tip, when you install the grip and have pushed it all the way down, I have a piece of card board on the cement floor of my garage taped down and tap the club grip down on the cardboard. This will help get out the last of the solvent and let the club rest overnight if you can.
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I have done my own re-gripping for years. I'll give you my step-by-step guide:

1. Buy a hook blade for a utility knife for cutting off the old grips. The hook goes underneath the grip and you can cut without fear of cutting into a graphite shaft.

2. Remove ALL of the old grip tape, for stubborn areas wet it down with a little solvent, let it sit for a minute and then you can usually get the old tape off.

3. For build-up under the right hand, put the masking tape on first, then put on the double-sided grip tape. I like taking all the grips off of all the clubs at one time, then remove all the old tape from all the clubs at one time, then do the build-up and double-sided tape all at one time, and finally put all the grips on at one time. I think it's more efficient and if you do one club at a time from start to finish, it seems like it takes longer.

4. I do all of the actual regripping in the garage sink. I bought a package of aluminum turkey roasting pans and I use those in the sink, you can about 6 of them for a couple bucks. They will catch the solvent and then you can use a cheapo funnel to put the solvent back in the can and use the solvent for quite a few sets of clubs. So, put one of those pans in the sink.

5. Take the grip and put a tee in that little hole at the end of it to keep the solvent from draining out. I fill the grip with solvent. I then hold the club at a 45 degree angle, with the clubhead being higher than the taped end over that aluminum pan while I slowly pour all of the solvent out of the grip over the tape. Start at the higher area of the tape as the solvent will then continue to drip down over the rest of the tape and make it really nice and slick. Immediately put the grip onto the shaft and try your best to slide it all the way down in one continuous motion. The first time you do this, you will usually have 1 or 2 that will kind of get stuck halfway on, but you'll get better at it. If one does get stuck, IMMEDIATELY try to pull it back off and re-do the solvent and give it another try.

6. After you have slid the grip all on the way on, have a towel or something on the floor that you can tap the butt end of the club on, making sure the grip is all the way on. I don't slam it, but I do give it a pretty good whack.

7. Now that the grip is all the way on, and while the solvent is still wet, adjust your grip to make sure it's all lined up correctly. For me, it always seems to twist a little bit during the installation so I just make sure to immediately twist it back to line everything up. Most grips have a little white line at the cap end and at the bottom end of the grip for lining it up straight.

8. Re-grip your set and then pour that solvent back into the can, let the clubs rest overnight. A little tip: the excess solvent on your clubshaft after sliding the grip on should be wiped off and if you have a little glue residue on your club from a price tag or label, that solvent will take it right off.

Good luck! And don't worry if you screw one up the first couple of times you do this, just have an extra grip or 2 handy.
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Re: Regripping myself now... question? 7 years 6 months ago #56381

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Trying to get a grip on yourself? a-cha-cha-cha.

These guys covered it well, so I can be the fool. :)
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I've been regripping my grips for about 3 years now. So convenient. Just put on some new Lamkin Crosslines. I use the Pure Grips Tapeless Air Tool

Never had a problem and no waiting for drying. Install and off to the course.
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