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TOPIC: Progress

Re: Progress 7 years 2 months ago #59378

AceOn13 wrote:
How'd these turn out?

... And your first round of the year, how'd it go out on the course?!


Thanks for the follow up Ace!

It was quite jeckyl and hyde round. I started with a par, then battled back and forth with + scores til I birdied the 8th. I only ended up with 4 pars and the lone bird. 3 of the pars came on par 3s as well as the bird, and I ended up with par on the first par 4 of the day.

In the last year, I developed a self imposed rule of picking up if wasn't going to score better than triple bogey, as ESC and tournament rules were enforced, this was the way of the Golfweek tour and thus my personal play. This was for every flight except Championship, and done in an effort to speed up play.

For the Golf Channel Am Tour, this is not the case. So I played out every single penalty as it would be enforced on the AmTour. Couple this with trying to get a feel for the new driver and you can imagine where my scored ended up... 105!

I'm definitely not happy with myself, but it is what it is, and thus telling of me needing to spend some time on the driver at the range ASAP. Lucky for me the first tourney is not until April 20th, so I've got ample time to get it going in the right direction.

I was quite pleased with my mid and short iron play. I hit a few greens, and hit all the par 3 greens in reg. I only hit the driver on par 5s and the two very long par 4s. The new hybrid is paying off in droves though, as it made the mid length par 4s reachable with 9iron and shorter. The SCORs felt great, and with the firm/frozen greens I was able to hold more than I expected with the combo of the DG Spinners and the new 20xi! I did end up losing all 3 of the 20xi though... I'll be posting the review shortly.

Next up though, will be reshafting the JPX 4i-9i with the Nippon's I snagged... hard stepping them and +.5" so very interested in seeing the trajectory change.
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Re: Progress 7 years 2 months ago #59396

  • AceOn13
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That's great Spiff! Don't beat yourself up over the first round of the year; Definitely don't do that.

My Driver has been mis-behaving too and I've mentally checked out with my old Adams Speedline F10 because my "Ferrari" is on it's way (RAZR FIT XTREME) and I'm just so looking forward to having a blank slate with a new big daddy stick.

Isn't awesome to start with a Par?!?!?! From my experience, I typically start with low expectations after not having played for a while which leads to typical par, GIR, Fairway hit and a birdie chance. I think there is something to be said for playing with no pressure or "Expectation", you know what I mean?? Why is it so tough to play with that 'care-free' feeling throughout the other 17 holes following the first?

When you're practicing, Have you considered not keeping score? If you're backs not up against the wall with an upcoming match or tourney, this might help you lead to more easy going (mentally) rounds which could lead to more enjoyment and believe it or not, better scores ;)

Keep up the hard work and keep things fun! Oh, and regardless of what AM tour you're playing on, when you are out practicing, I'd recommend playing til the ball gets in the hole. The less you 'pick' up, the more 'practice' you get! Sounds like you're getting on that train this year and I'm glad to hear that.

Be well and keep us posted!

Here's to a GREAT 2013 Golf year!!

All the best,

Crazy excited to #BRINGIT with a full on Callaway setup through my bag for 2013! Stoked to #GROWTHEGAME! Eager to #GRIND and #IMPROVE! PUMPED FOR ALL THINGS GB and CLUB WARS!!!
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Re: Progress 7 years 2 months ago #59629

Just got caught up !!! Very nice !! Good luck !! You have many rounds to come ! Go Low !!!!
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