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TOPIC: TPT Golf Shafts Review

TPT Golf Shafts Review 5 months 3 weeks ago #112135

CoreyKasif wrote:

Sometimes in our line of work as golf equipment testers, appreciation for innovation outshines the actual performance of the product we are testing. I’m fascinated with how technology is being applied to create new (or reinvent old) golf equipment. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I’m a strong believer that golfers wanting the most out of their clubs should be properly fit for the right shafts. TPT Golf, a division of NTPT (North Thin Ply Technology), producers’ of high-performing laminate composite materials for a vast array of applications including race boats, F1 cars and watches, have created a high end golf shaft they feel will give you a more consistent shot dispersion and smooth feel through your swing. The question I needed to know was will it work for me.

The TPT Golf website is full of science, technology and mathematical write-ups to describe their patented technology. Here it is in laymen terms. Thanks to its signature Thin Ply Technology, TPT Golf™ has produced the most consistent, accurate shaft for a golf driver available today. Players at all levels —pros, scratch golfers, beginners that are still learning the game, juniors, seniors, enthusiasts, and occasional players— will all experience noticeably greater stability during their swing, with tighter resulting shot dispersion.

Based on my swing numbers the model best suited for me was the 15 MKP/MT/SW. Mid kick, mid torque 3.3, 105-120 swing speed, 73 grams and 46 inches long, cut to 45. Just for comparison, my current setup is the Project X HZRDUS T1100 6.5, low torque 2.8, low spin, low launch, 65 grams and 46 inches long cut to 45. Below are side by side numbers from my launch monitor. My quick tempo and more torque on the TPT Golf shaft had my drives going right and although the shaft is technically heavier, it felt lighter in my hands. I had my swing speed / ball speed up but wasn’t making consistent strikes on the club head.


Now, I read they are going to make a lower torque and lower launch shaft that I feel might be better suited for my swing. I would like to check that out and give a follow-up to this write up as soon as TPT Golf gets them out. This is not intended to be a negative review whatsoever, but a good example of the wrong shaft for my swing. Also, at $799 per shaft please test and get fit properly. For more info, go to www.tptgolf.com




I got to meet the owners of TPT Shafts during Demo day and they actually fit me with the new shaft options ! I'm patiently waiting for it to arrive!! Hopefully soon !!!!!! B)

TPT Golf Shafts Review 5 months 5 hours ago #112178

I'm still waiting on mine to arrive. Really want to put it into play