TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons Preview

Taylormade has taken the slot technology that they have used in their Rocketballz drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids and created the speed pocket for the new SpeedBlade Irons.  Taylormade has utilized this same speed pocket technology with last year’s release of the Rocketbladez.  In our experience, the Rocketbladez saw a significant jump in launch and distance so we are very excited to see what the SpeedBlade Irons have in store.

Dr. Benoit Vincent, Chief Technical Officer of TaylorMade Golf, boasts about the breakthrough that the speed pocket adds to the technology of irons.  He says,
“The structure of an iron makes it a challenge to increase ball speed.  The head is mostly rigid and not at all aerodynamic.  The size and shape of an iron’s face makes it hard to add flexibility.  That’s what makes the speed pocket such a break through...

...It allows the face to flex and rebound faster, increasing ball speed and distance.”

The SpeedBlade irons appear to have a bit larger cavity back and perimeter weighting in comparison to the RocketBladez irons.  In pure speculation, the SpeedBlade irons could be a more forgiving game improvement type of iron release from Taylormade.

Bret Wahl, VP of Product Development at TaylorMade Golf says,
“The speed blade speed pocket is elongated and wider at both ends.  Inside of it we have put a series of small “through slots” in the front wall of the pocket to increase it’s flexibility.  These changes magnify the speed pocket’s positive effects.  You get faster ball speed across a much larger portion of the face.  Off center hits off of the heal or toe, go farther.“

Comments from Sean Toulon, EVP at TaylorMade Golf, also lead us to believe that the SpeedBlade irons will be more forgiving.
“Taylormade has significantly increased the area that produces constant ball speed, spin rate, and launch angle.  A golfer’s chances of hitting a ball in that area is dramatically higher.”

Since Taylormade has seen major improvements by including this technology into their metal woods, it is a natural progression for them to now inject this technology into their irons as well.  Taylormade’s new SpeedBlade irons bring promise of better sound at contact, feel, higher launch, and longer more repeatable distances.