Nike VR_S Driver Review



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Nike VRS Driver Review - Club Wars 2012

After testing out the Nike VR-S on the range, we realized that Nike has really come along way with their clubs since the SQ. We did like the balance of the weight throughout the VR-S, wasn’t too light or too heavy.? In terms of performance, we were able to get a good launch angle with fairly low spin, helping produce high, knuckling drives that got good amounts of roll. The VR-S finished with the 5th best overall with an above average club head speed of 108.2. The VR_S also a great showing in distance finishing at 5th overall in average total distance coming in at 261.4 yards. The forgiveness of the club is fair, not too much, not too little; meaning that the sweet spot was a nice size.

The Nike VR_S had a solid overall showing in distance, club head speed and also had several top 3 finishes in control. Nike produced a very strong overall driver in the VR_S. We would recommend this driver to any player in the 5-12 handicap range.

The Nike VR_S stock shaft is what sperates it from a good driver to an award winner. With a torque rating in the 7's, we saw too much spin to get better distances. The shaft is one of the more top of the line in a stock offering, but the numbers dont match what the driver head is capable of. The shaft does offer more lift and higher launch to get the desired trejectory not easy to acheive in the VR PRO LE.

The big sweet spot is a blessing and a burden. A shot hit low on the face will see little to no forgiveness, while the rest of the face is pretty forgiving.

One of the better spots of the VR_S is the adustable tip. While you change the face angle it also adjust lofts at the same time, to get the desired trejectory needed for that face angle. And being able to go 1 degree flat on a driver is an amazing tool.

This is a sweet driver and has a great feel and balance. It will blast off in the right hands. It's a Bossman's pick for 2012 Club Wars.


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The soul of the VR_S screams speed, with optimized and strategically placed air-channels, this driver will surely generate more club head speed for just about anyone.

The silver, black and red coloring is also very striking to the eyes.

Nike's new NexCOR face technology maximizes ball speed off the face. The design creates a bridge for ultra-thin, ultra-hot faces and unmatched ball speed. The big deep face is appealing to most golfers and helps strike confidence.


A super-light 45.75" Fubuki shaft surely helps this club generate more club head speed and looks good doing it.

With a standard head shape it is easy to adjust to this driver. Also with Nike's straight fit, it can adjust to you. Correct any swing flaw in a jiff with Nike's STR8-Fit.

Hidden in the crown of the driver is soft contrasting lines on the perimeter and ending with a Nike swoosh towards the back.