Nike VRS 3 Wood Review


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Hold on a second, Nike…..what did you just do?  Have you made everyone that scoffed at the idea of a successful line of Nike golf clubs change their tune faster than Weight Watchers client at an Oreo factory?

Yes, that’s right.  Nike has come out with a line of clubs that seem to add a new dimension of credibility to the brand.  The VR_S products have transcended the golfing community.

I was so graciously bestowed the Nike VR_S 3-wood by to have my hand at one of the hottest clubs around.  The VR_S 3-wood is, in short, complete.

At address, the crown shows off a very comforting black tone that spans across a head that can only be described as “oversized” for a fairway wood.  While large in appearance, the VR_S finds a way to instill confidence as it sits very nicely next to a ball.

The VR_S shows signs of schizophrenia with the stark contrast in design on the bottom of the club from the top.  “Aerodynamic” lines and grooves run rampant across the underbelly that I actually found really nice to look at.  It is, however, a little bit of an inconvenience when dirt gets lodged.  Nike completed the design with a nice two-tone grey that leads into the new NexCORE face.

So what new technology can we see in the VR_S fairway woods?  Nike approached the construction of the face a bit differently.  Rather than a standard face with defined edges from the top of the head to the bottom, they molded the bottom line of the face to wrap into the underbelly of the club.  This creates a very hot impact point as well as a much larger COR than normal.

Let’s get to the 3 questions that matter.

1.  How does it look?

The Nike VR_S 3-wood looks sleek and high-tech where it is not a distraction.  I love the black crown and am not terribly discouraged by the size of the head.  It lines up nicely next to a ball and really makes you feel confident for the upcoming shot.  The underbelly may not be the most efficient as it is a dirt magnet but, in my opinion, it is irrelevant and only gives me another excuse to go downstairs and spend more time cleaning my clubs.

2. How does it feel?

Like an 8am tee shot in Kauai, HI.  Seriously, this club feels good.  The impact of the face to the ball sends beautiful feedback to hands with a muted *ting* that doesn’t take away from the feedback given.  Miss-hits feel like miss-hits and sweet spot hits feel perfect.

I know I am making the VR_S sound like it is the end-all but to be honest, it feels how a club should feel -   equal parts feedback and euphoria.

3. How does it perform?

I took the VR_S 3-wood out to both the range and the course.  I was hitting consistent mid-launch tee shots that seemed to take off on impact.  Each shot exploded off the face to increase confidence very quickly.

The course is really where the club shined.  I made a point to use it off every par 4 tee shot and noticed a good 10-20 yard increase from my previous 3-wood (TaylorMade Burner) with no loss in accuracy.

Off the deck was a really nice experience as well.  The club face didn’t overshadow the ball when lined up and, with an easy swing, the ball jumped into the air with a very consistent flight and distance.

Miss-hits performed surprisingly well.  I hit a few off the toe and while I definitely felt the off-center impact, I only lost about 15 yards and still went straight.


So what do I think?  This club has the potential to change a golfer’s game.  I think Nike deserves to be put in the same discussion as TaylorMade and Callaway with the direction they are going.  The VR_S line shows the forward thinking and innovation that Nike is displaying.  If they continue to put out great products like this then I will certainly become a loyalist.


As the great Ferris Bueller once said “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”


As Always,

I’m Bruce McFarlane