Wilson Staff FG Tour






Like all premium urethane golf balls, FG Tour™ utilizes a cast urethane cover and multilayer construction to maximize distance, durability and performance demanded by the game's very best players. The difference is the FG Tour's exclusive low compression coupled with Traction Control Technology™, making it the only urethane ball on the market to offer balata-like feel with tour-caliber spin.

1. Super-soft, High Velocity Core
The softest core in the game today utilizes advancements in rubber chemistry to maintain high initial velocity.

2. HPF Speed Mantle
The speed-generating HPF mantle encases the low compression core to generate higher spin.

3. Thin, Responsive Urethane Cover
A super-thin urethane cover provides premium feel with excellent scuff-resistance. From 60 yards and in, the feel of urethane is unmistakable.

4. Traction Control Technology
On the mulitlayer FG Tour, traction control integrates with the thin urethane to generate the highest spin possible off of club faces with the 25 deg of loft or more for ultimate shot-making and scoring.

Price: $35

For some reason I feel Wilson Staff is highly underrated, and this ball is no different.This ball has just about everything I and you would expect from a tour ball. Sticky cover, soft feel, just the right "hardness" on drives, acceptable distance, and with great greens control. Light as a feather feel, almost weightless, and effortless on all shots. Some people are "too good" in their own mind to be seen with Wilson Staff products, but, that surely needs to change.


Feel: 8/10


Driver Grade: B+

Amazing feel off the driver with a pretty good distance and ball flight thrown in. Subtle impact feel and sound and the ball just flies off the face like a tour ball should. Flight is mid-high with about 90% the distance of a Pro-V1 and maybe 85% distance of the Bridgestone B330-S. The feel is similar to those two listed, but just a little short. The FG Tour has a little bit more side-spin on the faster 110+ swings, but that is normal for a consumer tour ball not made for the faster few. But, with that extra spin it had more roll which gave it more distance, which is not bad in my mind if it doesnt spin off the fairway, Just enough spin, now thats gotta be a science.

Iron Grade: B

Again, another smooth run here for the FG Tour. Weightless ball and sticky cover? perfect match for that ball flight I like. Easy to control, easy to spin, and easy to plop and stop on a dime on the green. Everything you look for. Comes off the face a little hot at times, not that consistent which was a downfall

Putter Grade: another B

soft feel but with a slow looking and feeling roll. Thre me off at times. But the feel is nice and it goes right where you want it and hugs the lines just fine.


Give these Wilson Staff products a try. Have an open mind and just play away. This ball can make a game fun when you get to know it. But don't get upset when you first use this ball and it just is like nothing else. The compression and everything is made for the new groove rules. So if you use this ball on non-conforming grooves you might see too much spin and higher flight. It is on par with balls in it's range and higher priced tour balls. It's worth the dozen when you benefit from an all-around ball.