Introducing “Straight From The Tour Van” Exotics EXS Pro Irons and Wedges

New Limited-Edition "Straight From The Tour Van" Exotics EXS Forged Irons And Wedges

Tour Edge officially introduces the Exotics EXS Pro Forged Irons, EXS Blade Irons and EXS Blade Wedges featuring forged designs with CNC milling. 


The tour-inspired irons feature the very latest in golf club design innovation for the highest levels of ultra-premium performance from the company that has earned 22 victories and over 150 different players using their equipment on the PGA Tours. 


These limited-edition Exotics irons designed by Tour Edge founder and Master Club Designer David Glod are fine works of craftsmanship that utilize only the finest materials and precise CNC milling. 



The goal of the new designs by Glod were to combine tour-level inspired looks and feel with advanced materials and innovation to produce the most forgiveness and distance possible in a player's iron. The result was a new level of forged irons and wedges that cannot be found in regular production irons: individually milled irons made from Carbon Steel and engineered for players who look for the ultimate in control and shot shaping. 


"We received enormous demand for player's irons after putting our focus on game improvement hollow-body irons with the EXS 220 releases," said Glod. "As a club designer, I love player iron designs that are as beautiful as they are playable. These three designs were made to be irons that are drooled over by the core golfer, not only in looks and feel, but in how they perform." 


Only 250 sets of the EXS Pro Forged Iron and EXS Blade Iron and 500 sets of the EXS Blade Wedges will be made in this limited-edition small batch production that will be shipping to consumers starting June 15th.